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Oil Warning Lights in Your Subaru Forester

June 3, 2022
The engine oil makes sure that all of the moving parts inside are properly lubricated and protected from friction and heat damage. Are you aware that many other components also have their own oils? In the event of an issue, ...

All You Need to Know About Tire Wear Patterns

May 27, 2022
Wear and tear are common problems with tires. It is understandable since they bear all of the vehicle's weight, even if some boost comes from the car suspension system. Additionally, the tires come into contact with the road, which has ...

Which Is A Better Car, Mini Cooper Countryman Or Toyota Yaris

April 25, 2022
The Mini Cooper Countryman is among the best in subcompact SUVs. There is plenty of space for passengers inside this crossover's cabin. You have to master the infotainment system before using it effectively, but it's easy to use once you ...

How Much Is Car Insurance For A Mini Cooper

April 24, 2022
Mini Coopers are stylish and economical subcompact cars manufactured by the German automaker BMW. The vehicle is fuel-efficient and fun to drive, comparable to the Volkswagen Golf and Fiat 500. Although it lacks much interior space, the Mini Cooper is ...

6 Symptoms of Low Freon In Your Car

March 31, 2022
The importance of identifying the symptoms of low Freon in cars cannot be overstated. These symptoms are important since Freon plays a key role in your car's air conditioning system. Air conditioning systems in cars operate largely using a refrigerant ...

Signs Of A Blown Head Gasket

March 28, 2022
A head gasket is a specialized seal that connects the block of an internal combustion engine to the cylinder head (s). This seal stops combustion gasses from escaping an engine's cylinders, as well as coolant and oil from entering the ...

P0420 Diagnostic Trouble Code

March 24, 2022
P0420 is a common diagnostic trouble code (DTC) that indicates "Catalyst System Efficiency is Less Than the Threshold (Bank 1)". Numerous factors can cause the Check Engine Light to light up. However, if your OBD-II scanner detected a P0420 code, ...

Most Common Symptoms of Bad EGR Valve

March 23, 2022
The exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve is an automobile component that is critical in controlling exhaust emissions.  Every advanced car is equipped with an EGR valve. When it becomes clogged or broken, it may result in poor engine performance, decreased ...

How Headlight Cleaning and Restoration Is Beneficial?

March 3, 2022
When most people think about headlight maintenance, the first thing that springs to mind is replacing burned-out bulbs. However, when a car gets older, another problem might arise foggy headlights. Cleaning off that fogginess (also known as headlight restoration) is ...

How Often Should A Head Gasket Be Replaced?

March 2, 2022
The head gasket in your car's engine is a critical component. It is responsible for sealing the cylinder head to the engine block. The engine valves are housed in the cylinder head, while the crankshaft and pistons are housed in ...
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