February 13, 2023

Kia Is the MVP of the Night as Traffic Spiked 230% to Its Branded Pages on Cars.com

75% of Big Game's Car Ads Featured EVs, Leading to a 21% Increase Overall in EV Page Views on Cars.com

CHICAGO, Feb. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Football fans rushed to car-shopping marketplace Cars.com™ (NYSE: CARS) during and after Sunday's game to learn more about the vehicles advertised in its prime-time commercials with advertising automakers. Collectively, advertising automakers saw an 81% lift to pages on Cars.com. The lineup included spots from Kia, GM, and Stellantis brands Jeep and Ram, but Kia took home the trophy with a 230% spike in Cars.com traffic following the airing of its ad, "Binky Dad."

Kia's ad may have been the night's big winner, but every car brand making a game-time appearance experienced notable traffic surges as consumers flocked to Cars.com to learn more about the advertised vehicles, read unbiased reviews from experts and consumers, and view side-by-side comparisons to other makes and models.

Brand and Commercial

Brand Lift on Cars.com

Kia "Binky Dad"

230 %

GM "Why Not an EV?"

50 %

Ram "Premature Electrification"

46 %

Jeep "Electric Boogie"

13 %

"Americans are inundated with brand messages on a day that's as big for advertising as it is for sports, and advertisers 'win' when consumers take the next step to find out more," said Jennifer Vianello, Cars.com chief marketing officer. "So while the significant traffic growth on Cars.com is a victory for the automaker and brands that showed spots during the game, it's also a win for the brands that funneled their ad dollars to target Cars.com visitors, bypassing the multimillion-dollar traditional media buy while still capitalizing on the postgame spike of engaged, in-market car shoppers."

Only about 5% of Americans1 are actively in the market to buy a car at any given time, so many brands strategically sit out the big show and spend a fraction of the cost on hyper-targeted digital advertising.

Although Ford wasn't advertising during the Big Game this year, the Detroit-based automaker's electric-vehicle page views saw a 118% increase in EV engagement on Cars.com from Ram's "Premature Electrification" ad and a 146% lift on Cars.com during GM's "Why Not an EV?" ad. BMW also benefited on the marketplace, with a 70% increase in views of the luxury automaker's EVs during GM's partnered ad with Netflix and a 33% bump during Ram's pharma-spoof commercial.

The game brought out a few more surprises, including:

  • Cross-Shopping Consumers: Used Teslas saw a 26% bump on Cars.com during Jeep's "Electric Boogie" ad. The electric-car brand saw an even greater bump (29% for used Teslas) when Elon Musk was shown in the stands, proving consumers are still very EV curious.
  • Cars on the Big Screen: Porsche saw a 47% increase in page views on Cars.com following the trailer for the new Transformers movie that features Mirage, a Transformer character that replicates the Porsche 911.
  • EV-Curious Fans: In addition to brand-specific searches, Cars.com visitors looked more broadly for information on EVs, causing a 21% increase in EV page views on Cars.com, which appeared to benefit some automakers' EVs.


Cars.com analyzed site traffic patterns for advertised car model pages during the eight minutes before each spot aired and again eight minutes after. General EV traffic patterns were measured week over week.

For more reviews, car-buying advice and tips, visit Cars.com/news.

Cars.com Internal Data
1 Based on 3.7MM expected U.S. vehicle sales per 90 days in U.S. (SC&P Global Mobility), compared against total U.S. households (123.6MM). 2016–20 U.S. Census Bureau.

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