Best Car Brakes And Rotors (2022 Guide)

by Scott HuntSeptember 21, 2022
Best Car Brakes And Rotors

Despite the constant technological advancements in automotive braking systems, most vehicles still rely on friction-based mechanisms such as hydraulic and air braking systems. Wearing down is a normal phase in a brake pad and a brake rotor’s life cycle. However, letting them go too long without getting fixed poses a severe safety issue. 

Replacing the main components of your braking system, such as the pads and rotors, is not cheap. If you’re planning to buy replacements for your pads and rotors, it’s wise to choose the best ones available in the market today. 

In this guide, we’ll be discussing the top brands of car brakes and rotors and why we picked them. Some of them include the following:

Top Brake Pads

Brake pads come into contact with the rotor and apply the needed pressure and friction in order to stop your vehicle. To ensure safety, brake pads must be made to high standards. Listed below are three brake pad brands with the perfect blend of value and performance.

1. Power Stop Sport Carbon Fiber-Infused Brake Pads

Power Stop Sport Carbon Fiber-Infused Brake Pads

Due to its powder coat innovation, Power Stop ceramic brake pads are more resistant to corrosion than pads that are merely painted. Moreover, their ceramic pads are infused with carbon fiber which significantly reduces brake dust. Some Power stop pads come with rubberized shims that minimize brake noise. 

2. StopTech Sport Brake Pads

StopTech Sport Brake Pads

StopTech Brake Pads provide advanced braking power and high resistance to brake fade. Compared to other brakes, StopTech brake pads produce less noise and can last longer—perfect for regular city driving. 

3. TRW Automotive Premium Brake Pads

TRW Automotive Premium Brake Pads

Unlike other brands that sacrifice quality for cheaper prices, TRW offers both quality and affordable prices. Their brake pads deliver consistent performance and provide you with top-tier braking power. Most TRW brake pads are good entry-level pads, given their lower prices without skimping on quality. 

Top Brake Rotors

Brake rotors are probably the most critical component of your vehicle’s braking system. They are the circular discs connected to each wheel that slows down or halts your vehicle.  They are subjected to intense amounts of heat and friction throughout their lifespan. For this reason, they should be sturdy and reliable.

1. ACDelco


As one of the most well-known brands for automotive parts, ACDelco holds one of the highest-performing brake rotors in the market. With almost a century of manufacturing OEs, their brake pads are guaranteed to be reliable and durable. ACDelco brake pads are also able to withstand great degrees of heat. 

2. Max Advanced

Max Advanced

With their price ranging from only $29 to $168, Max Advanced brake pads are one of the most cost-effective options in the market today. They provide extreme braking power and have iron castings that prevent corrosion. Their brake rotors can also withstand extreme temperatures.

3. Teraflex


Teraflex is the manufacturer of one of the most efficient brake rotors in the market. With their advanced technology, their brake rotors can ensure even heat distribution, preventing your rotors from warping. Their brake pads are also durable and ideal for those who frequently drive on off-road terrains. 

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