Common Car Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

March 17, 2023
As a car owner, understanding the importance of vehicle maintenance is crucial for safety and ensuring the longevity of your vehicle. While taking the time to follow the proper steps to maintain a car can feel like a drag, it ...

Where to Find the Best Used Auto Parts in Fort Worth

January 23, 2023
Used auto parts are easy to come by in Fort Worth, or in any other major city in the United States. The question, then, is where do you find the very best in used car parts and used truck parts, ...

Volkswagen Automatic Transmission for sale

January 21, 2023
Volkswagen Automatic Transmission for sale Does your car need a new gearbox? If you’ve looked at the cost of a brand new transmission, then you might be wondering how you can handle those costs. You’ll be happy to know that ...

Hyundai loss of power and Hyundai oil leaks — Ricks Free Auto Repair Advice Ricks Free Auto Repair Advice

January 19, 2023
Hyundai loss of power and oil leaks — NHTSA investigation NHTSA Action Number: DP22003 The NHTSA Office of Defects Investigation (ODI) has received a petition on July 13, 2022, requesting a defect investigation into an alleged defect of the “oil drain ...

Ford F-150 Won't Start? - Common Causes & DIY Fixes

January 18, 2023
Bad distributors and ignition coils are a common cause of a Ford F-150 that won’t start. Find out how to diagnose and replace these ignition parts yourself, and learn more causes with these tips from our expert mechanics. Causes of ...

Employees That Keep Us Running – January 2023 – Smyth Auto Parts

January 17, 2023
If you have yet to hear, we will be celebrating our 60th year in business this year! 60 years in business was made possible by the hard work of our dedicated employees. Each month this year, we will highlight various ...

Where to Buy Used Engines Online and Not Get Scammed?

January 15, 2023
Nothing is more annoying than trying to start a car with a damaged engine that won't start. However, if you follow the tips given by experts in this field, you will be able to find a reasonable deal and have ...

Dodge Challenger Armrest for Sale - Grade Auto Part

January 14, 2023
An armrest is a feature found in many modern cars that passengers can rest their hands on. As a rule, it is also found on chairs. It is usually located between the driver’s and passenger’s seats of the car. It ...

What you need to know about hybrid vehicles and lubricants

January 13, 2023
Recently, people have become more familiar with hybrid vehicles. Even though most of them don’t know how exactly a hybrid vehicle works, they are aware that these vehicles are better for the environment compared to those that run on internal ...

Brake job tools — Ricks Free Auto Repair Advice Ricks Free Auto Repair Advice

January 12, 2023
Brake job tools for the DIYer Buy brake tools and still save money doing your own brake job Having the right tools make a brake job go much smoother. With brake jobs running over $600 these days, you can buy ...
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