Car Repair

How Much Are New Brake Pads?

October 25, 2022
Over time, all brake pads deteriorate and will need to be replaced. Brake pads are an integral component of your vehicle's braking system. Without working brake pads, your vehicle is unsafe to drive. For your convenience, there are several alternatives ...

How Do You Fix Evaporative Emission System Leak Detected?

October 13, 2022
Modern automobiles feature onboard computers that not only govern the general functioning of your car, truck, or SUV but also generate error codes in the event of a malfunction. This page discusses a frequent error code: identified evaporative emission system ...

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Car Axle For A Mini Cooper

April 26, 2022
It costs roughly $237 to replace an axle in a Mini Cooper, with $114 in parts and $123 in labor. The prices may vary depending on where you live. What Are CV Axles, And How Do They Work? Almost every ...

P0300 Diagnostic Trouble Code

March 25, 2022
If you're dealing with a P0300 error code, brace yourself for a lengthy diagnostic and repair process. This code confirms what we already know — the engine has poor performance. "Random or Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected" is the meaning of ...

How Much Should A Car Repair Cost?

March 1, 2022
If you have to inquire, it's safe to assume you can't afford it. That means tens of millions of Americans must be asking themselves the same question each year. According to a new AAA research, the average auto repair cost ...

How To Replace A Rear Window

November 21, 2021
Repairing damaged rear auto glass yourself is no doubt very cheaper than having the replacement done commercially. Most people would replace their broken windows when they see scratches or cracks, even if this does not affect their functionality! With the ...

How To Clean Oil Spill In Car Trunk

November 19, 2021
It is very common that oil spills in the car trunk ut you need to clean it because it will make your car trunk dirty and it will no doubt look bad. Below we have mentioned a few easy steps ...

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Rear Window Of A Car?

November 18, 2021
On average, it will cost around $100 to $200 for a crack in the back or rear window of your car. The price might increase depending on the make and model. This can also vary based on the manufacturer, so ...

How To Glue Convertible Rear Window

November 14, 2021
Convertible cars are a type of luxury vehicle that can be lowered to provide open-air driving. Some convertibles have glass windows on the back, which does several things but is not just limited to providing durable frames for top attachments ...

What Causes Black Smoke From Car Exhaust

November 13, 2021
There are several issues that can lead to black smoke coming out of your engine. It's most often caused by a clogged air filter, poor oxygen sensor, etc. Below we have mentioned some of the reasons for black smoke coming ...
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