Causes And Fix For Subaru AT Oil Temp Light Flashing

Published: June 3, 2022
Last updated: February 21, 2024

Under normal circumstances, driving is a lot of fun and exciting. Engine manufacturers have developed a system to let owners know when the transmission oil in their vehicle gets too hot. If you own one, you may need to deal with oil temperature problems on Subaru cars. Finding the right solution for a problem begins with understanding its meaning, causes, and symptoms. In the following sections, we will discuss how to stop the at oil temp light flashing Subaru.

You need to know how to handle the situation properly if the AT Oil Temp blinking occurs in your Subaru. 

What Does AT Oil Temp Mean

"AT oil temp" refers to the Automatic Transmission Oil Temperature system. The Subaru displaying "AT oil temp" simply means the automatic transmission fluid in the vehicle is too hot.

In this case, the vehicle's engine may not function properly. You may, however, start noticing some symptoms that indicate that the problem is getting worse. If this is the case, you'll need to act quickly by contacting an expert mechanic. Failure to do so could result in your vehicle is severely damaged.

AT Oil Temp Subaru Indicators

Computerized systems on Subaru vehicles monitor for any malfunctions that require immediate attention. Car owners are more likely to diagnose and fix the problem if they are alerted to the problem on the road. The following indicators are associated with AT oil temp:

Constant Flashing Of The Warning Light

In a Subaru, the main symptom of "AT oil temp" is a constantly flashing warning light. When a transmission issue arises, the dashboard warning light is the most reliable way to identify it. Whenever the computerized Subaru system detects a spike in transmission fluid temperature, the light comes on instantly. You will detect the oil temperature warning light on time if you know all the dashboard lights on your car.

Transmission Failure

If you fail to address the automatic transmission oil temperature warning signal properly, it can lead to a transmission failure. A faulty transmission makes it difficult to drive your Subaru car since it plays a vital role in its mobility.

Fixing AT Oil Temp Warning Light

A Subaru's automatic transmission oil temperature issue is pretty simple to fix. If your vehicle's computerized system displays the "AT oil temp" warning, follow these Subaru AT oil temp fix tips:

Stop The Car And Allow The Engine To Idle

First, park your Subaru in a safe area when discovering the "AT oil temp" signal. After that, allow the engine to idle for a few moments. As the engine idles, the transmission cools down simultaneously. The warning light will go off by itself after a while.

Inspect Transmission Fluid Level

Try another alternative if the problem does not resolve after you stop the car and let the engine idle to let the transmission cool down. Inspect the transmission fluid level after you shut off the engine completely. There may be a shortage of fluid in the system. Therefore, if this is the case, we recommend topping off the fluid level with the Subaru automatic transmission fluid recommended by the manufacturer.

If none of the approaches above solve the AT oil temp issue, we strongly suggest you contact an expert auto mechanic to resolve the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long can you drive with the oil light on Subaru?

If you drive more than 500 miles or two weeks with an oil light on Subaru, you will damage the vehicle more. Subaru drivers can still drive with ease when the oil light is on. However, it does not give you the right to take the oil light for granted. Those who ignore the oil light on their Subaru for even two weeks may have to fix more costly repairs within that time.

Consequently, if the oil light on your Subaru is constantly on, it would be important to get it diagnosed and fixed by a professional auto mechanic as soon as possible.

2. Why does my Subaru say AT oil temp?

Your Subaru's dashboard will display "AT oil temp" if the automatic transmission fluid in your car is too hot. If you have driven a Subaru vehicle for a long time, you are familiar with this challenge. Subaru sends you a message when it needs immediate attention. After understanding the message, solving the problem will be straightforward.

Allow your Subaru's transmission fluid to cool down while the engine is idle if you see "AT oil temp" displayed on the instrument panel. With this method, the AT oil temp issue should go away on any Subaru model.

3. What does the yellow oil light mean on Subaru?

In Subarus, the yellow oil light indicates low oil pressure or low oil level. The yellow light alerts the car owner to an impending problem. It may not affect the engine's ability to run normally if this warning light is illuminated.

You could, however, face more costly challenges if you ignore the signal too long. For this reason, it would be best to contact a professional auto mechanic to see what could be wrong with the vehicle.

4. How long can you drive without oil?

Having 0% engine oil may not be a big issue since you can drive for a few miles with the challenge. In any case, running your car's engine with 0% oil indefinitely is not recommended.

Understanding how an engine works and how to perform regular maintenance is important for car owners. This includes when to top off or change the oil. Therefore, even if you can still drive for a while with 0% engine oil life, don't wait too long before you fix the problem.

5. Does my Subaru tell me when to change the oil?

Subaru cars come with a manufacturer's manual, including when to change the engine oil. Changing the engine oil does not require waiting for the oil light to illuminate on the dashboard. 

Meanwhile, knowing how often to change the oil is not sufficient. You should follow the recommended schedule. The Subaru vehicle's engine will run more efficiently as a result. Nevertheless, do not delay changing your car's engine oil if you want to prevent further damage.

6. What is the average oil temperature in a car?

Under normal circumstances, a car's oil temperature should average 250 degrees. If the oil temperature exceeds 275 degrees, it can break down. Meanwhile, experts recommend keeping engine oil between 230 and 260 degrees.

Overheating can trigger the oil light on the dashboard if the oil temperature exceeds 260 degrees. If the oil light appears on your Subaru's dashboard, you should investigate the possibility that transmission oil is too hot (abnormal).

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