Chevy Sonic Error Code 82 – Meaning and Fix

by Carmen PickelJune 24, 2022
Chevy Sonic

A driver is usually frightened when they see an error code on their dashboard, and yes, there are a wide variety of codes. Among the most common error code messages on the Chevy Sonic is error code 82 warning light. This oil code is more common in the 2012 and 2013 models. It indicates a mechanical failure that occurs every time your vehicle drives for a few thousand to ten thousand miles. 

There is a common question that a new Chevrolet Sonic driver is going to ask at some point, "what does code 82 mean on a 2013 chevy sonic?" When you or the oil shop forget to reset the oil life meter, you will likely see it for the first time. The error code 82 is a safety feature that indicates that you need to change the oil soon since the oil level is only 5% of the way through its life. Be mindful of this code if you want to avoid costly repairs. The car may suffer serious engine damage if you don't change the oil. You will often see the error message if the oil shop does not reset the oil life meter.

Get Your Oil Changed

An oil change is the easiest way to correct this error code reading. Shops that do oil changes are also responsible for resetting this code. Because the main issue is related to the amount of oil in your engine, you need to drain the old oil and replace it with fresh oil. The steps to follow are listed below.

Step 1: Start by opening your car's hood.

Step 2: You will then find a box-like section where you can find the brand's logo. This section is the place for the oil tank.

Step 3: Make sure the oil cap is open. The new oil needs to be added, and the old oil needs to be drained.

Step 4: Now that you've removed the oil filter, you'll want to replace the air filter. As the oil becomes thicker when it is oil, you may need to remove the filter as the oil is thicker than the filter. You should use a 24 mm socket to remove the oil filter. You need to read the manual of Chevy Sonic to find the filter if you are having trouble finding it.

Step 5: The work is taking place under the engine. The oil drain plug is located under the engine. A 10 mm socket is required to access this. The area in which you will be working is quite small. You may lie under the car for a short time.

Step 6: You can use an old pot under the engine to preserve the old engine oil before removing the drain plug. Once you have removed all the oil from the engine, it will take you a few minutes to clean it out.

Step 7: As soon as the oil has been finished, ensure the plug is reinstalled and tightened with the socket.

Step 8: Come out from under the engine, pick up a big funnel, and place it on top of the oil tank so you can see it.

Step 9: You should refill the tank with 4.8 quarts of fresh oil. Measure the level of oil after adding the oil. Recap the tank after adding the oil.

That was how to change the oil in a Chevy Sonic. If the code still appears, the following is what you have to do. Be sure to read the next section on how to get rid of that code.

Resetting Code 82 on the Chevy Sonic

Resetting the code is easy if you want to do it yourself or if the mechanic fails to reset it for you. Below is a list of the steps that you need to take to reset the code:

  1. Make sure that the key is turned to the on position
  2. Toggle it until you reach the Oil Life option by using the Menu button
  3. The message will be "Reset" when it appears. Hit the reset button
  4. The oil life will be displayed at 100% when you press the Set/CLR button

Depending on the model year, you will need to use one of two menu interfaces to reset code 82.  For Sonics that are older, there are dedicated menu buttons for this purpose.  In newer models, the turn signal stalk can be used to reset the code.  It is the same process regardless of the method used to reset the code. 

Final Thoughts

Essentially, code 82 informs you that there is a need to change your oil, and you should do it right away. If you do not change the oil in your car regularly, your engine can suffer severe damage and result in expensive repairs. Resetting your car's engine code is extremely simple as soon as you change your oil.

When you run into problems with your computer or with the software, it is recommended that you make an appointment with a local repair shop or possibly with the manufacturers' local maintenance department. 

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