How to Clean and Maintain Your Vehicle Interior

by Elaine SmithAugust 10, 2021,

We all love to keep our car sparkling clean and fresh smelling, yet we also know the sheer struggle we face in achieving that. If you are a homeowner, your car is your second most valuable possession, and if you aren’t a homeowner- your car IS your most valuable possession. So it goes without saying that it be looked after and well maintained to uphold its value. Keeping your car clean is a major part of that. A car that accumulates dirt, is not only going to prove a health hazard and an ugly sight, it will also affect its performance. 

Speaking to automobile experts, we gathered the best pointers on how you can keep a clean vehicle. Don’t let your car take a beating on the inside, and follow these tips to maintain a sparkling fresh interior.


“One tip to keeping the inside of your car clean is to have a hanging seat organizer, or an organizable tray inside your dashboard compartment, depending on the items you usually bring in your car. This helps because you can always put loose items in your car into the organizers so they're not laying around your car haphazardly. This allows you to stay organized without having to think about it or pick up a bunch of loose items at the end of each day or week.”

Ashley Moore, Manager Bayway Volvo

Line Your Cup Holders, Keep Cleaning Supplies at Hand

“Think of where crumbs and other debris end up in your car. You can catch these particles by lining your cup holders and inserting collectors between the gaps in the seats. Also, keep cleaning supplies in your car - wipes to remove dust, shampoo to treat spills, and a small trash can to collect what is to be thrown away. Many of us end up stuck in traffic or at a light, so do a quick cleanup (but do so safely) while you're waiting.”

Joseph Giranda, Director of Commercial Relations CFR Rinkens

Clean Often

“I might not be an automobile expert. But as the father of two young kids, I'm pretty expert at (trying) to keep anything clean, including the family car! The best advice I can give is to prevent insurmountable and soul-destroying build-up by cleaning the car interior as often as possible, optimally every day.” (Dave Pedley)

Wipe Down Daily

“Wipe every surface down at the end of each day, remove all children's leftovers and try to keep on top of it all. A bit like that ancient British king holding back the tide of the ocean, but the alternative is a flash flood of accumulated mess that will banish the sight and feel of a clean car to the outer reaches of your memory forever! Fight the good fight daily - or lose the war and surrender!”

Dave Pedley, Founder and Editor of YourCub.com

“I maintain the interior of my car like how I would my home: regular cleanups and immediate fixups when needed.” says Jack Miller, “But if you want to go beyond wipedowns and vacuuming, here are some other ideas: 

Steam Cleaning

“Especially during this time of a pandemic, doing some steam cleaning can help provide that extra layer of disinfecting. But since you’re dealing with heat, be sure to have an even distribution throughout the vehicle to avoid damaging the plastic or vinyl.” (Jack Miller)

Don’t Forget The Seats And Upholstery

“For both of these areas of the car, you’ll need an all-purpose cleaner. Do this after a round of vacuuming to make sure that you’re not leaving any dirt behind.” (Jack Miller)

Never Use Strong Chemicals For Cleaning

“Chemicals like bleach and hydrogen peroxide are big no-nos because they can also damage the vinyl and plastic. Go with more natural cleaning solutions like white vinegar, isopropyl alcohol, and distilled water.”

Jack Miller, the Founder of How I Get Rid Of

Floor Mats

“Floor mats can be ridiculously affordable and protect your car from spills, dirt, mud, and all the like. You should go for all-weather mats as they are easier to clean and protect against tears from your shoes as well.” (Mark Beneke)


“All of us have walked up to our car, ready to walk in only to look down and realize that our feet are full of dirt. Instead of hopping straight into the car and making a mess, we can have a trusty towel that can be kept inside or in the trunk that can be used to wipe off anything that could dirty the vehicle.” (Mark Beneke)

Try Not To Eat Inside The Car

“The most practical of any tip to keep your car interior clean. Just don’t eat or drink inside your vehicle. That’s all.” (Mark Beneke)

Seat Covers

“Spills and crumbs seem to be big issues for car seats. Instead of risking getting stains on them, you can purchase a seat cover that protects your interior from these types of accidents. Faux leather ones make it even easier to clean up.” (Mark Beneke)

Trash Bag For Both Front And Rear Passengers

“Just like disney leaves trash cans every 30 feet so people are more inclined to throw their trash in them and not on the ground, having a dedicated trash bag in the front and rear of your vehicle will ensure your passengers have no excuse to dump it on the floor.” (Mark Beneke)

Covers For The Cup Holders

“Cup holders seem to get gunk buildups in them easily. By purchasing removable covers for them, you ensure that they are kept clean. This also makes it extremely easy to remove and clean the covers since they are not fastened to the car.”

Mark Beneke is the owner of Westland Auto Sales in Fresno, CA. 

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