Detailing Your Car : Exterior Car Care

January 26, 2023,

Before you begin to detail your car, try to evaluate first every aspect of it. Here are some guidelines as to what to inspect.

Paint job: A car’s paint is like a man’s skin. A smooth feel will tell you that the paint is free of contaminants, while a rough feel may indicate a need for a good wash. Also check for minor scratches as these are to needed to be dealt with before applying wax.

Car Interior

Checking the car's interior may require more time and effort than the exterior, so do try to do it in a proper way. Use a notepad or checklist in order not to forget parts of the interior that needs to be cleaned. Check to see if your upholstery needs a little or hard vacuuming as it may take time to finish.

The smell of the car also needs to be checked. Disinfectants and car scents may be needed. Stains may need other tools to be removed, so find out first what kind of stains are there in order to organize your cleaning schedule.


These four round things on the side of your car are the most frequently forgotten things to clean. So do try to evaluate what needs to be done as cleaning a tire is one of the hardest parts. Check the color of your tire. It should be black and not dark brown or bluish. If it is, dirt buildup has changed its color, and it may need to have a good scrubbing and reviving tools also.

What to Do

After your evaluation, you can now check how much time is needed and what tools you need to detail your car. On the paint, if it’s smooth, you may only need to wash it and wax it to give it its shine.

If not, you may need a pre-wax cleaner, scratch remover, a good cloth, and a paint cleaning clay bar to clear contaminants that a simple wash cannot get. Interiors need a good vacuuming, leather or upholstery wax or cleaner, disinfectants or car scents. Tires need a good wash and shine, some tire cleaning solutions and tire black.

The most basic way in detailing your car is cleaning from the top down. Cleaning starting from the bottom will only bring more dirt when you are reach the top, ruining what you've already finished by dirty drippings or splashes.

The keyword for this is detail, so clean and restore all aspects of your car, the chrome, the paint, the edges, and such. Do not use too much cleaning products as it may damage your car, especially the leathers and upholstery and may cost you more money.

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