DoorDash Requirements: What You Need to Start Delivering

Published: June 21, 2023
Last updated: February 29, 2024

DoorDash is a popular food delivery platform that connects customers with local restaurants and independent delivery drivers. Whether you're looking to earn some extra income or explore a flexible work opportunity, DoorDash provides a convenient platform for individuals to become delivery drivers.

However, before embarking on your journey as a DoorDash driver, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the DoorDash requirements. Aside from having a reliable vehicle, understand what other requirements you need to meet to be a Dasher.

DoorDash Requirements: What You Need to Start Delivering

To start earning as a delivery driver, you need to meet certain DoorDash requirements to ensure a seamless and successful delivery experience. Here are the key requirements you must fulfill:

1. Age Requirement

DoorDash has a minimum age requirement for drivers. You must be at least 18 years old to start delivering with DoorDash. This age requirement ensures that drivers are legally allowed to operate a vehicle and adhere to local driving regulations.

2. Vehicle

Having a reliable vehicle is crucial when delivering with DoorDash. You can use a car, scooter, motorcycle, or bicycle for deliveries, depending on your location and the type of vehicle accepted in your area. Make sure your vehicle is well-maintained and in good working condition to ensure smooth deliveries.

3. Driver's License

A valid driver's license is mandatory for all DoorDash drivers. This requirement ensures that you have the necessary credentials to drive legally and safely. Make sure your driver's license is up to date and not expired.

4. Insurance

As part of DoorDash requirements, all drivers must have valid auto insurance. This insurance should meet the minimum coverage requirements set by your state or region. It's important to review your insurance policy and ensure it covers delivery activities.

5. Smartphone

Since DoorDash operates through a mobile app, you'll need a smartphone to access the platform and manage your deliveries. The DoorDash app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Ensure that your smartphone is compatible and capable of running the app smoothly.

6. Background Check

To ensure the safety and security of its platform, DoorDash conducts a background check on all potential drivers. This background check verifies your driving record and criminal history. Certain offenses may disqualify you from becoming a DoorDash driver, so it's important to have a clean record.

7. Proof of Work Authorization

If you are not a U.S. citizen, you will need to provide proof of work authorization to become a DoorDash driver. This could include a valid visa, green card, or work permit, depending on your immigration status.

8. Social Security Number

DoorDash requires drivers to provide their Social Security number as part of the application process. This is used for identification and tax purposes. Rest assured that DoorDash takes the privacy and security of your personal information seriously.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I deliver with DoorDash if I have a full-time job?

Yes, DoorDash offers flexible scheduling, allowing you to choose when and how often you want to deliver. This makes it ideal for individuals who already have a full-time job and want to earn extra income during their free time.

2. Is there a dress code for DoorDash drivers?

DoorDash does not have a specific dress code for drivers. However, it's recommended to present yourself professionally and wear appropriate attire while making deliveries.

3. How much can I earn as a DoorDash driver?

The amount you can earn as a DoorDash driver varies based on several factors, including the number of deliveries you make, tips received, and the market you operate in. DoorDash offers a transparent pay model that includes a base pay, customer tips, and promotional bonuses.

4. Are there peak hours for DoorDash deliveries?

Yes, DoorDash often experiences peak hours when demand is high. These peak hours can vary depending on the location and day of the week. By delivering during peak hours, you can potentially earn more due to increased demand and surge pricing.

5. Can I choose which orders to accept?

Yes, DoorDash allows drivers to accept or decline orders based on their preference. You have the freedom to choose which orders you want to deliver, considering factors such as distance, payout, and estimated delivery time.


Becoming a DoorDash driver offers an opportunity for individuals to earn income on their own terms. By meeting the DoorDash requirements outlined in this article, you can start delivering and enjoying the flexibility that DoorDash provides.

Remember to ensure you meet the age requirement, have a reliable vehicle, possess a valid driver's license and insurance, and pass the background check. With these requirements fulfilled, you'll be well on your way to embarking on a successful journey as a DoorDash driver!

In addition to completing your DoorDash requirements, you also need to be familiar with road laws and regulations to become a Dasher. Stay safe and maximize your earning potential by learning about Arizona driving laws!

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