Electromagnetic Wave Cars: Are They Going to Become a Fact of Nature?

by Petra CameronJune 16, 2020

It is only a matter of time before Future Cars are on every road on earth. The world's future transportation is here; it's just a matter of figuring out how to build them.

It might surprise you that we're not talking about electric cars and hydrogen cars right now. What we're talking about are cars that travel by means of electromagnetic waves and energy. The future has arrived, and in this case, it is the electromagnetic wave cars. The more exciting, technologically savvy future cars, vans, and SUVs are set to come in the near future, all together in one location. The electromagnetic wave cars won't be coming from an aerospace company; they'll be coming from the world of science fiction.

Future vehicles have to work to function; they need to have some steering control or accelerator, which will be part of the electromagnetic wave car's internal architecture, the accelerator, and the brakes. We can think of this as similar to how our cars control their speed - by moving the pedals to the left or right. Of course, it will be possible to use a joystick to control these things in a video game, but that is just scratching the surface of what electromagnetic wave cars can do.

There are several reasons why electromagnetic wave cars will become a reality within our lifetime. For starters, the current economic downturn has caused carmakers to cut prices to attract buyers. Additionally, if the government doesn't get involved in these cars' financing, they could charge a significant premium for their fuel efficiency or size and design. These cars are sure to be smaller, lighter, more aerodynamic, and have very low emissions. In addition, the electromagnetic wave car will have the ability to communicate with each other and the people driving around in them. This means that when one car is going fast, its competitors will likely be moving slower than that car to try to catch up to it.

Another reason why electromagnetic wave cars will become a reality within our lifetime is that they could save our planet in many ways. The electromagnetic wave car will be able to travel at faster speeds, which means that it won't deplete any available fuel. Because it doesn't deplete fuel, it will also create less pollution.

The only thing that isn't clear is whether a government-funded laboratory will build electromagnetic cars or if the current trend continues. But it is highly likely that eventually, these cars will be built by private businesses. With electric cars and hydrogen cars on the horizon, the United States and other countries might want to invest in creating a vehicle that travels by electromagnetic waves, too.

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