Essentials Every Truck Driver Should Have In Their Truck

Published: June 17, 2021
Last updated: February 29, 2024

What should every truck driver have? Every truck driver needs a first-aid kit, a toolbox, an emergency supplies bag that includes snacks, a paper map, flashlights, water bottles, a charger, and a power backup. They would also need to prepare for their truck breaking down, so work gloves, high-visibility safety vest, road flares, cones, and essential vehicle repair tools should be available.

Being on the road for long trips, chances are; truck drivers often encounter inconvenient circumstances and so need to prepare appropriately for that. We have called on the experts to share their knowledgeable advice to help us prepare for the road.

Power Backup

“We run a tech company, have a fair amount of experience with managing the logistics for our drivers, and suggest this simple device. Running out of power should always be avoided! It is more than likely that your average truckers will be bringing loads of tech gadgets along with them. We highly recommend one of these to power them all, it is a Travel Car Power Inverter. These are absolutely perfect for charging tablets, smartphones, lights, laptops, DVD players, and anything that needs powering! A travel power inverter makes life that bit easier, especially if you need to charge multiple devices at the same time and there is a larger demand for power.”

Dex Jones, Director DJ Tech Reviews

Emergency Storage Bag with Supplies

“One of the most essentials that any truck driver could have on the road is; an emergency storage bag with snacks such as granola bars or trail mix, water bottles, gloves, a bright-colored emergency vest, a basic tool bag, dry socks, hazard triangles, flares, and a backup phone charger cord. All of these could be extremely helpful for any professional truck driver during their drive throughout the year to make the best of any bad situation. We often hear the phrase in the trucking industry of I wish I would have had and by using prepared emergency kits you can often help to reduce these times.”

Michael Russell, Director of Digital Marketing RatchetStraps


“One essential every truck driver should have in their truck is a charger that charges their phone and other electronics while they're driving on the road. The last thing you want is your phone to die and then to not have your GPS or directions running and have to pull over and try to find a place to charge it. Making sure you can always charge your electronics on the go is a must for all truck drivers at all times.”

Luke Bratlie, General Manager Holmes Volvo Cars, Shreveport LA

Vehicle Emergency Essentials

Wipers: These are crucial for staying in control while out on the open road. They come in different forms, such as blades or wipers made from rubber material which offer a clean surface during rain or snowstorms. This item should always be kept stocked at all times for emergencies like these where visibility may become diminished due to precipitation (or teary eyes!). Air Compressor: This is a must-have for any truck driver. If you need air and the only thing available to fill your tires with it is at another location or person, this will help you regain control of your vehicle so that you can get back on the road again as soon as possible. They also come in different variations, such as electric-powered compressors, which require no fuel input from the user, and gas-powered ones that do not run out until they're empty (or until there's an electrical outage). Emergency Kit: You never know when disaster might strike, but if it does, then having these items prepared beforehand could be lifesaving! Make sure to keep one stocked up inside your cab at all times. Tire Pressure Gauge: Not only does this tell you the pressure of your tires, but it also indicates if there is a leak in one or more of them that can be potentially dangerous to drive on without addressing first (or at all). Automotive Tools: You never know when these will come in handy, and having them inside your cab means they'll always be available for whatever you might need doing. There are many different variations and kits to choose from, so find which set best suits your needs.”

Noah Myint, Partner Mighty Car Removals

Prepare for Inconvenience 

“When you’re on the road as often as a truck driver, every item you bring has to count. There is limited space, so narrowing down your main essentials should be a top priority. Some emergency supplies that truckers should bring with them include a first aid kit, a tool kit, and a spare cell phone charger. You should also have a paper log of important cell phones and a paper map just in case your technology fails. It helps to keep weather gear in your truck; items like spare rain boots, light-reflective clothes, and extra gloves. Some early career truck drivers don’t always consider that they need to bring food with them. It’s not good for your financial, physical, or mental health to constantly eat fast food at truck stops and diners. All truckers should have a storage space for non-refrigerated snacks like bread, peanut butter, crackers etc.”

Lauren Gast, Director of Marketing and Communications at Truck Driver Institute, a truck driving school with eleven campuses across the United States

First-Aid, Tool Box and Road Flares

“A truck driver must hit the road having all the essentials. Most of these deal with emergencies that usually are present while driving. The essentials include: firstly, the first aid kit that addresses various injuries that may happen on the road. This must be fully equipped with adequate medical supplies for most common injuries like cuts and bruises. Secondly, a toolbox is a must for mechanical impairments that need immediate repair. Thirdly, one should include bringing road flares and cones, which is useful during nighttime, when the area is dark. It gives other drivers a warning about what's going on. Fourthly, if there is a need to stay at night on the road, having food and water packed in the truck is a must. Bringing sleeping blankets is also an option. Lastly, GPS is now being used in vehicles today. It is dangerous if the system is not functioning well. It is best if the driver has an up-to-date road map to navigate the road safely to its destination.”

Matthew Roberts, Chief Operating Officer and one of the Co-founders at My Choice Financial, Inc.

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