How To Install Window Tint On Rear Window

by Elaine SmithNovember 8, 2021, , ,

It is very simple and easy to install a window tint on the rear window. All you have to do is follow the below-mentioned steps

  • Cleaning the surface of your tinted windows is an important first step in preparing them for film application. Clean both inside and outside surfaces with a soap-soaked paper towel or cloth, then rinse thoroughly to remove all residue before applying any type of protection!
  • Soak the glass in soapy water, then grease up your squeegee and hold it against the side of this film. Spray some more on there for good measure before you let it set!
  • Spray the soapy solution on all sides of your window until it has been thoroughly wet. Gently peel away any film that may be covering its surface and replace it with pre-cut pieces for easy installation.
  • To separate the film from its release liner, dry both sides of a paper corner and place two pieces of transparent tape on each side. Press together firmly before peeling away slowly in full horizontal strokes - do not allow the adhesive to touch itself during this process!
  • Remove the liner, spray adhesive on the wet inside of the window. Smooth film into place if necessary and let it slide naturally onto your glass or remove with a wet applicator for just a touch-up!
  • Spray the outside film surface thoroughly. From center to bottom, then squeegee outwards towards each side and wipe off any excess water with a lint-free cloth before trimming as necessary for an even finish in one motion!
  • If any trimming is needed, use a new razor blade to carefully cut the film. On fixed windows, leave a 1/16 inch gap around it so that water will be able to remove from under your window's protector and sealant!
  • To get rid of bubbles, spray the top surface and squeegee until all are gone. Repeat if needed in smaller areas or wrap a soft cloth around your credit card to press out any remaining water near an edge.
  • Leave the window for a few days and let it dry. 

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