How To Keep Car Trunk Cool

If you have some important items in your car trunk especially food, it is very important to keep your car trunk cool. Here in this blog post, we have mentioned some ways to keep your car trunk cool.

Park In A Shady Area

Park in a shady area. Whenever possible, please park your car wherever it's shaded and walk away with no regrets! You will thank yourself later for taking care of your car and car trunk. This is how your possessions in the car trunk will also stay safe against heat. 

Keep Your Precious Possessions Out Of The Sun

Cover them up with a tarpaulin for extra protection if you have precious possessions in your car trunks like your tape recorder, clothes, or anything that you kept in your car trunk. It is better to park your car in the shade but if it is not possible, then cover your things in the trunk to keep them safe against the scorching heat.

Park Your Car In The Garage

Park in a garage when possible. Park your car away from direct sunlight and under some shade trees. Keep your car parked in the garage when it is possible so that your car trunk will be safe from the heat.

Lower The Windows And Switch On the AC

A common misconception about cooling your car is that you should keep the windows up and A/C running. Well, it's not true. It is better to lower the window and switch on the AC so that the fresh air keeps circulating in the car. Anyhow, when your car is cool, your car trunk will also get cool. 

Secondly, if you have some food items in your car trunk and you need to travel a long distance, we suggest you travel at night so that your car trunk will stay cool and your food items will also stay cool. 

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