How To Remove Mold From Trunk Of Car

Published: November 11, 2021
Last updated: February 21, 2024

Did you get mold in your car trunk? That’s sad but don’t worry, you can easily clean it. Before cleaning the mold, you need to prepare your car for cleaning. Take a look below to prepare your car for cleaning then remove the mold. 

Prepare the Car for Cleaning

  • Before you start cleaning or scrubbing the mold, make sure that your car trunk is cleaned. 
  • Remove all the personal belongings, trash, tool kit, or other things from your car trunk. Secondly, throw away anything that can aid in mold growth.
  • With the help of a vacuum cleaner, suck all the dirt and debris from your car trunk.
  • Now inspect the trunk of your car that if there is any leaking that needs to get repaired. If there are any leaks, it is possible that the mold will grow again, and you would need to clean it again.

Removing The Mold

Now is the time to clean mold from your car trunk after cleaning trunk. Follow the below-mentioned steps to clean your car trunk.

  • Take an empty spray bottle and fill it with the white distilled vinegar. It is better to take a new spray bottle to avoid residue in the bottle. If you do not like the smell of vinegar or you don’t have vinegar at home, you can use diluted bleach water instead. 
  • Now spray the solution directly in your car trunk. Heavy spray on the areas where mold is growing.
  • Now take a scrub brush and scrub the areas where there is mold so the mold will leave the surface and the solution will reach the base surface.
  • Now park your car in the sunlight and let it dry properly. Sunlight is helpful in killing all the germs and bacterias. So it is better to let the sunlight reach your car trunk for deep cleaning.

If you find mold, it might not be from water or moisture seeping in. To get rid of the smell and clean up any left-over spores that could cause another problem for your car interior, make sure to repeat this process three times with vinegar sprinkled onto a rag between each round at least 30 minutes apart; before scrubbing away!

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