How to Select the Right Dealer To Buy a Dodge Charger?

Published: February 2, 2022
Last updated: April 19, 2022

Jacksonville in Florida is home to many different dealerships - however, an individual considering how to buy a new Dodge Charger may only be considering one dealership at this point. To maximize savings and satisfaction, make sure you do your research first.

According to reports, the average car ownership in Jacksonville, FL, is two cars per household.

If you plan to invest in a new Dodge Charger in Jacksonville 5, you have reached the right place. The following article will give you the necessary information to help you decide your car shopping process.

1) Check The Dealer Reputation

According to Florida, there are over 500 different car dealers in Jacksonville. However, not all dealerships offer trustworthy and reliable services. Therefore, know which dealership you want to buy a new Dodge Charger from and research their reputation.

It is essential to check the following:

Length of time they have been in service

Reviews from other customers on social media

2) Check The Car Dealer's Financial Status

Before visiting a car dealership, it is essential to know their financial status. You should check out the following: Number of years in business Credit score Licensing ratings Any legal issues With this information, you will be able to determine how trustworthy the car dealership is.

3) Trading In Your Existing Car

When buying a new Dodge Charger, other owners may want to trade in their existing cars - which saves them money on taxes and reduces down-payment expenses for the new vehicle.

If you are selling your old car privately, it is vital to check the value of your vehicle with the Kelley Blue Book. You can also get an independent, third-party appraisal for trade-ins, giving you a better idea about your car's value.

4) Financing Options

According to reports, the highest average rate for a full coverage policy in Jacksonville is $2,177 annually.

Another critical factor when buying a new Dodge Charger in Jacksonville 5 is whether the dealer offers various financing options. The dealership should have a detailed finance menu that offers several loans, pre-approvals, and special rates.

5) Warranties

Another critical factor to consider when choosing how to buy a new Dodge Charger is the warranty policy and what is included in it. Warranties can range from 30 days to 10 years, so it is essential to confirm which parts are covered by the manufacturer.

6) Dodge Charger Special Offers And Deals

Finally, it is worth noting that car dealerships regularly offer special deals and discounts on new cars. The car dealer will have you fill out a form online before visiting the dealership to get these offers.

You can also join car buying clubs to get their newsletters which offer deals on cars - as well as new car incentives.

7) Check the Features of the Vehicle

Most of the reputed car dealerships will allow you to test drive a Dodge Charger before purchasing. However, after conducting a few different vehicles, it may be hard to remember precisely what the first vehicle you tried had - let alone compare it to other cars at multiple dealerships. 

Here are the top features of a Dodge Charger:

a) GPS System

GPS systems are typically installed in larger cars to help drivers navigate the roads. When you are buying a new Dodge Charger, it is essential to check if the vehicle has a GPS - especially since it can be helpful for drivers in unfamiliar areas.

b) Sunroof

Sunroofs are especially popular in Florida since they help reduce sun exposure in the summer. They can also provide ventilation during the winter, keeping you cool while reducing fog on the windows.

c) Leather Seats

Leather seats are an upgrade to standard cloth seating, providing comfort for drivers and maintaining the car's interior quality by resisting stains, tearing, and wearing. Additionally, the seats are easy to clean and keep the car looking new.

8) Visit a Dealership in Person

When you visit a dealership in person, they may not have the exact model or features that you want available on their lot - which means that you could end up purchasing a different car than expected.

Some dealerships offer used cars on their lots, which can be a cost-effective way to get the features you want - but it is important to inspect any used car before buying thoroughly.


When trying to choose how to buy a new Dodge Charger in Jacksonville, it is crucial to consider several different factors. The dealership should be trustworthy and provide thorough services - while the car should have quality features and come at an affordable price.

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