How to Use Lyft Cash: Your Ultimate Guide to Navigating the Payment System

Published: August 5, 2023
Last updated: February 29, 2024

Lyft, one of the world's leading ride-hailing services, is dedicated to simplifying the ride-booking experience for its users. An integral part of this endeavor is Lyft Cash, a flexible and easy-to-use payment system. This article will guide you through everything you need to know about how to use Lyft Cash, from its advantages to loading it and even the complexities of transferring it to others.

What is Lyft Cash?

Lyft Cash is a pre-paid balance that can be used for any service within the Lyft platform. It is an alternative to credit or debit card payments that allows users to maintain a balance for immediate use on the Lyft platform. This feature simplifies the payment process and helps users control their ride expenses.

How to Use Lyft Cash?

Understanding how to use Lyft Cash is straightforward. Once you've loaded funds into your Lyft Cash balance, it automatically becomes the primary payment method for your rides unless you select otherwise. However, if the Lyft Cash balance is insufficient to cover the total ride cost, you can use a backup payment method to pay the remaining amount.

Adding Funds to Your Lyft Cash

The process to add funds to your Lyft Cash is quick and convenient. Follow the steps below:

  • Open the Lyft app and tap on your profile icon in the upper left corner.

  • Select 'Payment,' then tap 'Lyft Cash.'

  • Choose the amount you want to add, or manually enter an amount.

  • Select 'Add Lyft Cash,' and confirm your purchase.

Remember, any funds added to Lyft Cash are non-refundable, so add amounts you're certain you'll use.

Using Lyft Cash for Rides

Once you've loaded your Lyft Cash balance, using it is as simple as taking a ride:

  • Open the Lyft app and enter your ride details.

  • Before confirming, check your selected payment method. If it's not already set to Lyft Cash, tap 'Change' next to the payment method and select 'Lyft Cash.'

  • If your Lyft Cash balance is insufficient, select a secondary payment method to cover the remaining cost.

  • Confirm your ride. The cost will be deducted from your Lyft Cash balance.

The Advantages of Using Lyft Cash

Here are the key advantages of using Lyft Cash:

  • Pre-Paid Rides: With Lyft Cash, you can pre-load funds, which can be used for future rides. This means you won't have to worry about transaction approvals or issues while on the go, as your fare is already taken care of.

  • Budget Control: By adding a specific amount to your Lyft Cash, you can easily manage your transport budget. You can control your spending by only adding the amount you intend to use for rides.

  • Promotional Rewards: Lyft occasionally offers promotional rewards when users top up their Lyft Cash, allowing you to receive more value than the actual amount paid.

  • Ease of Use for Regular Riders: For frequent Lyft users, having a dedicated payment method can make the ride-hailing experience even more convenient.

  • Perfect for Gifts: Lyft Cash can be given as a gift to family and friends who regularly use the service. It's a practical and thoughtful gift for those who often need a ride.

  • Pay for All Lyft Services: Aside from rides, Lyft Cash can be used to pay for other Lyft services, including tips and cancellation fees, offering users greater flexibility in their payment options.

By understanding these benefits, you can take full advantage of Lyft Cash to improve your ride-hailing experience.

Pros And Cons Of Lyft Cash

Here's an overview of the pros and cons of using Lyft Cash:


  • Convenience: Lyft Cash provides a convenient way to pay for your rides. You can load your account with funds, which can be used at any time, eliminating the need for cash transactions or the use of cards during the ride.

  • Budget Control: If you're budget-conscious, Lyft Cash can help you manage your transportation expenses. You can limit your rideshare costs by loading a specific amount onto your account.

  • Promotions: Occasionally, Lyft offers promotional bonuses when you add money to your Lyft Cash balance. This means you can sometimes get more value for your money.

  • Versatility: You can use Lyft Cash not just for rides but for any service within the Lyft platform, including tips and cancellation fees.

  • Gift Option: Lyft Cash can serve as a great gift option for your friends and family who frequently use the service.


  • Non-Refundable: Once you've added money to your Lyft Cash account, it's non-refundable. Therefore, you must be careful not to add more funds than you intend to use.

  • Lack of Transferability: As of my last update in September 2021, Lyft Cash cannot be transferred directly to another user. This could be limiting if you wanted to share funds with another person.

  • Coverage Limitations: If your ride cost exceeds your Lyft Cash balance, you will need an additional payment method to cover the remainder. If you do not have a backup payment method available, this could cause difficulties.

By considering these pros and cons, you can make an informed decision about whether Lyft Cash is the right payment option for you.

Can You Transfer Lyft Cash?

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, you cannot directly transfer Lyft Cash to another user. However, Lyft Cash can be used to pay for rides taken by family and friends if you request the ride from your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Lyft Cash for tips and cancellation fees?

Yes, you can use Lyft Cash for tips and cancellation fees. The payment will be automatically deducted from your Lyft Cash balance.

What happens if I don’t have enough Lyft Cash for my ride?

If your Lyft Cash balance is insufficient, the remainder of the ride cost will be charged to your backup payment method.

Can I get a refund on my unused Lyft Cash?

No, Lyft Cash is non-refundable. Once added to your Lyft Cash balance, funds cannot be refunded.

Can I use Lyft Cash in conjunction with promo codes?

Yes, promo codes apply to the ride cost before your Lyft Cash or other payment method is charged.

By understanding how to use Lyft Cash, you can make your ride-booking experience even more seamless. With pre-paid rides, budget tracking, and occasional promotional offers, Lyft Cash presents a host of benefits to regular users. So load up your balance, and enjoy the ride!

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