How To Get A Lyft Receipt

Published: December 3, 2023
Last updated: December 13, 2023

Lyft automatically emails receipts to the email address linked with your Lyft account after each ride. This is the primary way to obtain your ride receipts.

Users can view their past ride receipts directly in the Lyft app by selecting the specific ride under the "Your Rides" section.

Lyft ride receipts can also be accessed by logging into the Lyft website and checking the “Ride History” tab.[1]

Common issues like not receiving receipt emails can often be solved by checking spam or junk folders or adjusting email server settings.

These receipts are crucial for business expense tracking, resolving ride disputes, retrieving lost items, and effective budget management.

Contacting Lyft directly is recommended for any missing receipts, emphasizing the limitation of third-party apps in accessing only previously sent receipts.

Apps like Ride Receipts PRO can help in downloading receipts for a specific date range and generating detailed expense reports.[2]

Do you ever finish a Lyft ride and then wonder where the receipt went? Getting receipts for all those rides across town can be important for filing business expenses, taxes, reimbursements, and just keeping records. The good news is - getting your hands on Lyft receipts is quick and easy! You just need to know where to look.

Find out how to get a Lyft receipt and troubleshoot common issues. This guide covers automatic email receipts, app-based access, and more.

How To Get A Lyft Receipt

  • Check your email. Lyft automatically emails receipts to the email address associated with your Lyft account after every ride. Check your inbox for an email from Lyft with the subject "Your Lyft Receipt".[1]

  • View past rides in the Lyft app. Open the Lyft app and tap on "Your Rides", then select the ride you want the receipt for. Scroll down and tap on "Get Receipt" to view and share the receipt.

  • Check your Lyft account online. Log in to your account on the Lyft website and go to the “Ride History” tab. Find the ride and click “View Receipt” next to it.

  • Contact Lyft Support. If you need a multiple ride or customized receipt, you can contact Lyft Support. They can provide any additional documentation or receipts upon request.

  • Forward email receipts to yourself. If you need receipts from previous rides, simply forward the emailed receipts from Lyft to yourself or download/print them.

It is also possible to get detailed expense reports using apps like Ride Receipts PRO that download receipts for a specific date range.[2]

Troubleshooting Common Issues With Lyft Receipts

Not Receiving Receipt Email

  • Emails from Lyft, including ride receipts, might accidentally be directed to your spam or junk folder. Check these folders and mark Lyft emails as 'not spam' to ensure they go to your main inbox in the future​​.

  • If Lyft emails are neither in your inbox nor in the spam/junk folders, your email server might be blocking them. Check your email account settings to make sure emails from @lyftmail.com, @lyft.com, or @lyft.zendesk.com aren't blocked​​.

Missing Receipts In The App

  • If receipts are not appearing as they should, try restarting the Lyft app. This can often resolve minor glitches that might prevent receipts from displaying.

Fast Fact

“For specific needs like multiple ride receipts or custom documentation, Lyft Support is available to provide additional assistance.”

Why You May Need Your Receipts

  • Business Expenses: Lyft receipts are essential for businesses to separate taxable from nontaxable incomes and track deductible expenses, aiding in efficient expense management and tax preparation​​.

  • Ride Disputes: In case of fare discrepancies or service disputes, having your receipt provides evidence to support your claims​​.

  • Lost Items: If you leave something behind, your receipt contains driver information, helping you to quickly contact the driver and recover lost items​​.

  • Budget Management: Regularly tracking Lyft receipts helps in monitoring and managing personal or business travel budgets more effectively​​.

  • Expense Management Tools: For those overwhelmed by multiple receipts, expense management software can automate the tracking and categorizing of Lyft receipts, simplifying expense reporting and budgeting​​.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I update my email address in the Lyft app?

To update your email, open the Lyft app, go to the app menu, tap 'Settings', tap your email address, enter the new email address you want to use, and enter the code sent to that email for verification​​.

What should I do if I'm missing a Lyft receipt?

If you are missing a receipt, it's recommended to contact Lyft directly to request them to resend it. Remember that external apps like Ride Receipts can only download receipts that have already been sent to you​​.

Can I download Lyft receipts from a specific date or date range?

Yes, you can download Lyft receipts from a specific date or date range using apps like Ride Receipts PRO, which allows you to choose a custom date range for downloading your receipts. However, it can only download receipts that have been sent to you​​.

How can I get all my Lyft receipts in a spreadsheet or print them?

Ride Receipts PRO can automatically download your Lyft receipts and generate a detailed expense report in Excel with all your trips. You can print these receipts or the Excel document, ensuring you select “scale to fit” and use the landscape page orientation for the Excel document to avoid cut-offs when printed​​​​.

Getting Your Lyft Receipt

Managing your Lyft receipts doesn't have to be a bumpy ride. With the simple methods outlined in this guide, from checking your email to using the Lyft app and even contacting support, you can easily keep track of your travel expenses. These receipts are more than just a record of your journeys; they are vital tools for expense management, dispute resolution, and budget tracking. By utilizing these strategies and embracing tools like Ride Receipts PRO for enhanced organization, you can navigate your expenses with the same ease as you navigate your city streets. Remember, keeping your financial rides in check is just as important as reaching your physical destinations. 

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