Not All Quick Detailers Are Created Equal : Exterior Car Care

January 26, 2023,

So, unfortunately the cover went back on your classic for a few more weeks anyway. Now you are ready to bring your car out for the season and you really don’t need to nor do you want to wax your entire car again so what should you do? The simple answer is to use a quick detailer like Jax Wax’s Body Shine. Be careful though, not all quick detailers are created equal.

The great thing about a quick detailer like Body Shine is explained right in the name quick detailer. It is fast and easy and it cleans and shines as if you just cleaned and waxed your car.

When you have classic cruising cars or show cars that never see the elements or the inside of a car wash you don’t need to wax them 2-3 times a year because the wax lasts much longer. That is why a product like a quick detailer is great. You can quickly use it for dusting off when you are ready to leave your garage or that quick clean up of road grime that was picked up on the way to the cruise night or a show.

We have all been sitting at a lawn show or a cruise in and encountered fingerprints, water spots, fresh tree sap or bird droppings ending up on our cars finish. This is when a quick detailer like Body Shine is ideal. You don’t want to carry an entire suitcase of products to quickly clean your classic so you just spray a little on and wipe off what ever is on your finish. It is that easy.

Body Shine is great for restoring that “pop” to your paint. Jax Wax’s Body Shine is safe and effective and all paint types and graphics and can even be used to clean chrome and glass with out smearing or streaking. That is where you have to be careful because not all quick detailers can make that claim.

Only a few years ago quick detailers were hard to find and were not proven to be safe on your vehicles finish. Times have changed and now technology in automotive paint and finish care has caught up. So don’t be afraid to use a product like Jax Wax’s Body Shine. It helps take the work out of taking care of your classic and helps you to spend more time enjoying your car and less time getting it ready.

To learn more about the Jax Wax Family of car care products or to ask questions about maintaining your vehicles interior and finish feel free to visit Signorello Distribution, LLC, Authorized Distributor of Jax Wax Products, at www.signorellodist.com.

Todd Burek is Vice President of Signorello Distribution 35740 Hawthorne Dr., Clinton Twp. MI 40835 Voice - 586.604.2078 Fax – 586.790.8422. He is also a columnist for The Cruis’ News, The Publication for All Car Buff’s.

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