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January 27, 2023

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If my tax dollars are going to be used for executions then I want public hangings in front of the Statehouse. Also, provide for the sale of beer and blood sausages. Can we say tailgate?

I propose subsidizing free vasectomies for all South Carolina males that want it. Further, I would like the anti-abortion — e.g. Republican — legislators to be required to have this as a good example to our citizens. Lead by example.

You always read in the news how council and business bigwigs want to build up Columbia's image so that more people will want to move here or businesses want to set up shop here. They need to have a word with the sheriff, who is just building up his own self while making us look like a city of thugs with his TV show. Not doing us any favors.

No tax breaks for student housing developers! Period.

In response to one of our local casters of the news.. the post about police finding 20 lbs. of “real” marijuana in a CBD shop in 5 Points: I’ve got some even juicier intel. If you go into any of the restaurants or bars or gas stations or shops or stores, and I mean any of them, y’all will find a terrible thing. Drugs. Big time. And many of them. And people actively doing the drugs too. It’s called “alcohol” on the streets. It’s deadly. Kills approximately 243,000 people in the US a year and that’s not just by car accidents. That’s also in health.

Perhaps it’s time to change the name of “Malfunction Junction” to “Treeless Junction.”

How about Irmo council for standing up to the rabble rousers who don't want to sell their homes? The mayor can promise whatever he wants. What he says clearly holds no water for the council so he should stop making promises. They can eminent domain those folks right out of Irmo and nothing Walker can do about it. Maybe they'll eminent domain him next.

Murdaugh. I'm sick of hearing about him. Enough!

Midlands Technical School offers training for anyone who wants to get into a higher-paying profession and have job security.

Congaree National Swamp is an often-overlooked treasure! It's beautiful.

Had to get insurance on a car I bought, and the sticker-shock was insane. Gecko-squad tells me that SC was already one of the worst states for car insurance, and new stats on crashes just "forced" them to raise rates more, especially on families with young drivers. Cost of living is supposed to be so good, but insurance and car tax and fees just about wipe that out. Legislators waste time on a bunch of crap — should do something about this.

So, South Carolina Republicans, you want to provide tax dollars to pay for private religious education? Great! Let's fund a Muslim madrasa and see how that squares with our Constitution and your personal agenda.

Just so you know: Joe Wilson voted to pass a bill in the House that would add $1.14 billion to the federal deficit, but it would protect wealthiest citizens from ever having their taxes audited.

I was an Air Force officer with the highest security clearance the military grants. Our classified information was stored in a single, secure office that was locked when no one was in it. We had one or two senior NCO’s with top clearances in that office at all times who had us sign documents in and out. They regularly inventoried the documents. We had several locked safe cabinets. We only were able to open cabinets that dealt with our interests. How did Trump and Biden just walk out with documents? They are just the ones who got caught.

In honor of MLK Day, I invite members of the public to reconsider Dr. King's call that all people be judged by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin. What is currently called "anti-racism" does the exact opposite — it encourages us to re-embrace retrograde racial thinking. True anti-racism would re-embrace the notion of Color Blindness. Color Blindness does not deny the existence of differences in skin color but instead asserts that we should stop assigning social significance to "race" because there are no inherent biological or genetic differences among human beings on the basis of "race."

In a parliamentary system, if the budget is not agreed upon, everyone is fired and new elections are held. I like it. A lot.

We should welcome the potential for the Supreme Court to revisit and reassess the effectiveness and necessity of affirmative action in college admissions. The reality is that affirmative action, if it exists at all, should be based on economic class. Economic class is the best predictor of the resources that people living in the United States have access to. Any honest observer of the conditions of late capitalism has to admit this. Along with a reassessment of affirmative action, we should ask ourselves why higher education costs so much and why so many young people are encouraged to opt into expensive four-year degrees when so many receive little return on that investment.

Mt. Horeb UMC in Lexington, where did Jesus say God-loving homosexuals should be spurned? He didn't. Not that I read. He DID say divorce was wrong, though. Anyway, I love y'all but I'm heading to a more accepting Methodist fellowship.

Green St. Overpass. Well done. Useful. Attractive. But ... those good-looking sunscreens. Shoulda been solar panels. Columbia, we're Famously Hot, yeah? How 'bout requiring solar applications. 'Specially parking with Ecar charging. Hello, City Council. You there?

I just read a most disturbing report online. A guy was hunting for deer. He loses sight of the deer but sees an extremely rare, all black bobcat. So what does the SOB do? He shoots it and proudly puts it on display and brags about it. What is up with hunters? They see a magnificent animal and blow it away.

It’s the blind guy. You want to hear some red flags flying? Hey JT, you want me to be a part of your family. Well, Beejee the blind guy wants to kick your ass. I’m so pissed off, my engine failed coming down 77 southbound in Winnsboro, I had to pull off the road before I killed anyone or myself or my driver.

There have been so many earthquakes in South Carolina, it’s fracking crazy.

I just wanted to call in and say, I just sat down and turned the TV on. WIS, that pup is only 19-months-old, quit bud. But apparently the South Carolina legislature Senate wants to give a special group of kids, 15,000 students, $6,000 each to go to whatever school they want to with no testing to prove whether or not it works. Isn’t that full-blown crap for brains?

My wife looked in the mirror and saw some gray hairs. She thought she would die. Haha.

I thank the Lord for Rant and Rave, but it’s really just nuts, this 6-year-old boy in Virginia shot a teacher with 9mm and nowhere in that discussion are what? His parents. The school is to blame, the resource office is to blame, nowhere in that discussion is that kid’s parents. Everybody is thrown under the bus but his parents. His P-A-R-E-N-T-S.

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