Common Signs Indicating Your Car Needs An Overhaul

by Petra CameronJune 24, 2021,

Your car needs regular workshop maintenance to keep it in good working condition and make sure it doesn’t break down on the road. While maintenance may be a hassle, not doing so could lead to even more severe- and expensive- car trouble. You are probably swamped with work, got errands to run and the last thing you need is to be stranded at the side of the road. When you start to feel your car is lacking in performance, whatever the reasons, it needs to be taken care of before it gets worse.

To ensure your car’s engine doesn’t wear out, you need to recognize some signs your vehicle needs attention. The signs you need to watch out for include; unusual rattling or clanking sounds, sudden high fuel consumption, smoke from under the hood, oil levels dropping too fast, oil or gas leakage, black or blue exhaust fumes, even excessive white fumes, or poor brakes.

An overhaul of your engine can fix any of these performance-related issues your car might be displaying and potentially save your engine. This would also save you money as an entire engine replacement would cost significantly more.

Poor Fuel Economy

“Your start plugs are responsible for igniting your engine. When they fail, become worn out, or perform insufficiently, they can have a detrimental effect on your fuel efficiency and will undoubtedly burn a hole in your wallet. The fuel injectors are in charge of injecting gas into the engine. Having poor fuel injectors results in poor mileage. While there are several ways to increase your fuel efficiency, it is still prudent to get your car and engine inspected, particularly if you are an aggressive driver who frequently makes sudden stops while driving.”

Mike Chappell is the Founder of Formspal

Persistent  Decrease in Major Vehicle Assets

“Car overhauling, or appropriately known as an engine overhaul, is a condition that shows a persistent decrease in major vehicle assets. You can be sure of overhauling your car when these things become consistent: Fuel economy decreases, Engine sound becomes abnormal, Oil gets consume too fast, Too much smoke blows through the pipe.

So, when these things continue to occur, it is time to take your vehicle to a mechanics’ garage.”

Will Cannon, CEO of Signaturely

Unusual Sounds, Corrosion, Leakage

“Firstly, you need to be looking out for any obvious noises. For example, if you can hear something rattling or clunking that wasn't before then it may be a sign you are ready for an overhaul. These noises may come on all of a sudden, and are a very clear indication. As well as nosies, you can tell if you need an overhaul through looking and inspecting  your car. Any areas that have significant corrosion or obvious paint blemishes will suggest that you may need to have some work done. You can also look through the car hood to see if there is any rust, corrosion etc. More obviously, if any signs or lights are flashing up on your car dashboard then it's definitely a sign that your car is ready for an overhaul. It may need a full examination to understand what needs fixing. Lastly, noticing any oil or gas leaks can suggest your vehicle may be needing an overhaul. Sometimes you may see fluid on the ground. Gas and oil will always create a rainbow effect when on wet roads. This indicates that you may be ready for an overhaul.”

Khan Ada, ASAP Roadworthys

Smoke, Exhaust Fumes

“Any increased smoke coming from your vehicle either from under the hood or even from the exhaust in the back is a sure sign that it’s time for a major tune-up. Dark blue or black smoke could mean there’s an oil leak somewhere. White or light grey smoke may indicate a leak in coolant. Excess smoke may come from under your hood or may even drift through the air vents in your vehicle interior. If a fluid look has made its way to your cylinders, you may even see excess smoke come out of your exhaust pipe. If you ever notice more visible exhaust than normal, it’s probably time for a tune-up.”

Jake McKenzie, Content Manager Auto Accessories Garage

If your car is displaying any of these signs, it should be taken immediately to a professional mechanic. Engine overhauling is an excellent way to pinpoint faults and replace the malfunctioning components, without having to replace the entire engine. This is especially useful if your engine is relatively new. The mechanic might be able to identify even more issues on inspection, which you probably didn’t even know you had. Overhauling also helps them detect minor faults in the engine as they take it apart to individually clean and inspect them. Your car’s performance is bound to improve significantly after this.

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