Tesla Auction in Canada and the USA: What's Being Sold, How Much It Costs, and Why?

by Carmen PickelJanuary 30, 2023

Tesla Inc., commonly known as “Tesla,” is an automaker that manufactures multiple types of electric vehicles, such as cars and trucks. Instead of using gasoline, these vehicles run on electricity.

If you want to buy one of the most sought-after Tesla cars, then now is the best time buy one. This is because Tesla has slashed up to 20% of its vehicle prices on some models. The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, has given a statement that this reduction in Tesla prices is to sustain the company's growth.

If you want to save even more money, then you can buy one at a much lower price through a car auction in Canada and the US. 

A Better Bid – Tesla Auction in Canada and the US

A Better Bid (ABB) is a Tesla Auction in Canada and the USA that allows users to bid on and buy salvage cars at wholesale prices. This auto auction is open to the public, which means you don't need a car dealership license to place car bids. 

On this Copart-registered auction, you can choose from an inventory of 300,000+ vehicles and get your favorite Tesla model. Since it is an online auction, you can review listings, bid, and finalize the purchase from the comfort of your home.

You just register (for free) to become eligible to buy from ABB. During registration, you can choose from three membership packages, Standard ($0/year), Premium ($199/year), and Pro ($349/year). Depending on your subscription, you can benefit from the following:

  • Purchase limit of up to 10 vehicles
  • Maximum bidding power of almost $60,000
  • Reduction in transaction fee
  • Approximately 10 vehicle reports (only applicable for Pro and Premium packages)

After registration, you can see Tesla listings and select one according to your budget and the vehicle’s condition. Then, you can bid on one in the daily live auction. Once you place the winning bid, the total amount must be paid within two business days from the sale date. 

ABB also has its own vehicle delivery service that ships domestically and internationally. So, whether you are buying from the US or Canada, you can safely receive your vehicle. However, the doorstep delivery service is only available in the US. 

Tesla Models Available at ABB

You can buy various Tesla models from ABB in Canada and the US, including:

Tesla Model Y

The Model Y is a fully electric mid-size SUV that is a more affordable version of the Model X. It is the first Tesla model in which a heat pump was used instead of electric resistance for heating the interior cabin and preconditioning the battery. The car model also has a dual motor that is powered through a 75 kWh battery pack.

The Model Y can travel up to 303 miles on a single battery charge with the highest speed of 155 mph. It takes 3.5 seconds for the car to reach 0 mph to 60 mph. The bidding for Model Y starts from $250 at ABB and can go up to $40,000.

Tesla Model S

The Model S is a battery-powered liftback car with a high-strength architecture. This dual-motor vehicle is the flagship model of Tesla that is created for speed lovers. It reaches 60 mph in 2.1 seconds and can obtain the highest speed of 175 mph.

With a one-time battery charge, the car can travel approximately 405 miles, making it a perfect alternative to gas-powered vehicles. It also comes with a spacious interior cabin that can fit almost 25 luggage cases (if you put down the rear seat). The bidding for the Model S starts from $225 to $28,000.

Tesla Model 3

The Model 3 is a compact battery-powered sedan with a dual motor all-wheel drive. Its uberturbine wheels combined with performance brakes provide total control in all types of weather, ensuring a safe trip. There are two versions of the Model 3, the basic Model and the Long Range version.

The basic version has a range of 272 miles, while the Long Range version has a 358-mile range. Both versions are equipped with self-driving hardware that automatically updates to improve vehicle functionality. The bidding at ABB for this model begins at $400 and can go up to $9,000.

Tesla Model X

The Model X is a fully battery-operated vehicle that is a crossover of a mid-size SUV and a luxury car. It is known for its two powerful electric motors and acceleration. These motors can create 670 horsepower, resulting in a 348-mile EPA-rated driving range. Moreover, it can go from 0 to 60 mph in only 2.1 seconds. The ABB bidding for the Model X starts at around $4,500.

The Difference in Cost of Tesla Models

On ABB's site, you will see each model has several listings with different bidding rates. These rates change depending on the:

  • Manufacturing Year: Older models have covered more miles, and they are also out of fashion.
  • Damage: The more damage a salvage car has, the lower its price due to the high repair costs.
  • Accident History: If the car has been in multiple accidents, its bidding will start at a lower price.
  • Market Value: Salvage car prices shift according to the market value of a make and model.

Wrapping Up

Tesla vehicles are the most sought-after in the automobile world due to their outstanding performance and sustainability. Now is the best time to fulfill your dream of owning a Tesla, as the prices have been reduced. 

Plus, you can purchase a salvage Tesla from ABB if you want to buy one at even lower rates. You can fix it, get a rebuilt title, and go on multiple adventures in your electric car.

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