The Facts About Using Clay Bar : Exterior Car Care

January 26, 2023,

Have you ever drawn your hand across your hood just after washing expecting smoothness only to feel lots of little bumps and bits of dirt everywhere? Late – model paints are harder than enamels (especially the clear-coat), and will show evidence of abuse quickly. Tiny bits of sharp stuff like dust and metal fragments can stick into

the clear-coat and normal washing won't remove them. If you don't get rid of them it might spell doom for your paint. A great way to remove those contaminates is by utilizing a clay bar from Jax Wax.

To use a clay bar first set aside the good part a day or two depending on how much of the vehicle you want to work on. This is not a quick process and I don’t want to fool anyone into thinking it is. What a clay bar does is pull out and shear off embedded particles and surface-born contaminants with a safe and effective lubricated mechanical action. The clay bar must be sliding on a lubricant (I can not stress the use of a lubricant enough) like Jax Wax’s Shine All or it will stick to the paint and, in a worst case scenario, literally burn a hole in your vehicle's finish.

During the process knead the bar regularly (remold the working surface so fresh clay is exposed). If you drop the clay bar throw it away—period. It will pick up any dirt off of the ground and then transfer it to the car and scratch your finish. This is why it's smart to use only a section of the clay bar while working, not all of it at once. After applying the lubricant simply rub the portion of Clay Bar lightly across your vehicle in small two-foot by two-foot sections. You don’t want to do too large of an area at a time because the lubricant will dry before you cover the entire section.

Jax Wax’s Clay Bar is pliable and not as stiff as other clays. This means it will be easier to use and remold. Jax Wax's Clay Bar works well on plastic, trim and glass as well as on matte-finish plastics that are free of coatings. Because Clay Bar is so effective at removing deposits from your paint it also removes wax as well so be prepared to re-wax the areas on your car that you applied the clay bar to.

To learn more about utilizing Clay Bar or to ask questions about maintaining your vehicles interior and finish or to just find out more about the Jax Wax Family of Car Care Products feel free to visit Signorello Distribution, LLC, Authorized Michigan Distributor of Jax Wax Products, at www.signorellodist.com or call them anytime at 586.604.2078.

Todd Burek is Vice President of Signorello Distribution 35740 Hawthorne Dr., Clinton Twp. MI 40835 Voice - 586.604.2078 Fax – 586.790.8422. He is also a columnist for The Cruis’ News, The Publication for All Car Buff’s.

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