Thinking About an Electric Car? Insurance Considerations

by Bobby MooreJanuary 20, 2023

Many people are considering the opportunities and benefits of electric cars. This type of vehicle runs with a battery. Some are hybrids that use both gasoline and batteries. However, both often provide valuable savings on gasoline and other costs. 

Having the proper auto insurance is essential. Still, how does having an electric car change your car insurance needs? It can impact you in several ways. 

Coverage Is Available electric car charging outside a house

Though electric cars are newer, they are still vehicles. They must still have proper and legally required auto insurance on them. Most of today’s vehicle insurers will have policies applicable to these vehicles. The price on them can range widely, however. This is much like any vehicle. The value and cost of the policy link. That is, the value of your car, the risks it presents, and the type of driver you are, impact how much you pay.  

It is important to speak to your agent about costs. A customized policy is necessary for every driver. Most people will find costs are in line with other vehicles. There could be some differences to consider, though. 

What Factors Impact Your Costs? 

A key difference here is cost. Some electric vehicles are more valuable than other vehicles. Since you may need comprehensive and collision coverage, this can increase the cost. It is important to know the market value of the vehicle. Your auto insurer can help you determine this. It will be the key factor in determining your costs. 

One key reason you may pay more is the cost of repairs. If you get into an accident, it will often cost the auto insurer more to repair your vehicle. Electric components tend to be more expensive. And, these vehicles tend to be more valuable than gas-powered cars. This makes policies a bit more expensive. 

Additionally, consider what is in your vehicle. Many electric cars are very modern. They include numerous on-board systems. They may feature video tools and smart car features. These are great updates. However, they raise the value of your car. This, too, increases the cost to replace it. And, your insurance will rise as well. 

Do not avoid an electric car because of auto insurance costs. Instead, talk to your car insurance agent first. Get a quote before you buy the car. Learn what you can expect. Ask for discounts. And, compare both insurers and various vehicles. Many factors play a role in the cost to insure these vehicles. 

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