Exploring The Perks: What To Know About The Uber Plus Card

Published: October 22, 2023
Last updated: October 30, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of food delivery, Uber has introduced a unique feature for its drivers: the Uber Plus Card. This innovation is designed to streamline the payment process for orders, particularly those placed outside of the Uber Eats network

Here's everything you need to know about the Uber Plus Card, from its benefits to eligibility requirements.

What Is The Uber Plus Card?

The Uber Plus Card is a special type of payment method provided to Uber Eats drivers. Unlike a traditional credit card, this card is pre-loaded with funds by Uber Eats, specifically the exact amount of a customer's order. It's primarily used for purchases related to orders placed outside of the Uber Eats restaurant network, allowing drivers to pay for a customer's meal at restaurants not directly partnered with Uber Eats.

When a customer places an order from a non-partnered restaurant, the driver uses the Uber Plus Card to pay for the order, either in person or over the phone. This system is particularly convenient and ensures drivers don't have to use their own money upfront for customer orders.

Benefits Of The Uber Plus Card

  • More Delivery Opportunities: With the Uber Plus Card, drivers can accept orders outside of the Uber Eats network, potentially increasing the number of deliveries they can make.

  • No Out-Of-Pocket Expenses: Drivers don't need to use their own funds for customer orders, as the card is pre-loaded with the exact order amount.

  • Time Efficiency: The card allows drivers to pay over the phone in some instances, saving time on pickups and overall delivery.

  • No Additional Fees: There are no extra fees associated with obtaining or using the Uber Plus Card.

Eligibility Requirements For The Uber Plus Card

To be eligible for the Uber Plus Card, drivers must meet certain criteria:

  • Active Uber Eats Driver: You must be actively delivering with Uber Eats. New drivers might need to complete a certain number of deliveries before qualifying.

  • Latest App Version: Drivers should have the most recent version of the Uber Eats app.

  • 'Order And Pay' Enabled: Drivers must have the 'Order and Pay' option enabled in their app settings to see these types of delivery requests.

  • Market Availability: The Uber Plus Card is not available in all markets. Drivers will receive an invitation via email if they're eligible in their area.

While the Uber Plus Card offers numerous benefits, it's important to note that there are some potential downsides. For instance, if there's a discrepancy between the pre-loaded amount and the actual order cost, drivers might have to cover the difference. However, they will be reimbursed by Uber afterward.

Applying For An Uber Plus Card

The Uber Plus Card, a unique offering for Uber Eats drivers, streamlines the payment process for orders from restaurants outside the Uber Eats network. But how does one obtain this card? Here's a detailed guide on the application process, the documents required, and what to expect during the review period.

How To Apply For An Uber Plus Card

Applying for an Uber Plus Card begins with receiving an invitation from Uber. This invitation is typically sent via email to active Uber Eats drivers who meet certain criteria, such as completing a specific number of deliveries.

To initiate the application process, drivers must click on the link provided in the invitation email. This link directs them to a form where they'll need to provide some basic information. After submitting the form, drivers can expect to receive their Uber Plus Card in the mail within approximately a week.

Documents Needed To Apply For An Uber Plus Card

The application process for the Uber Plus Card is relatively straightforward and doesn't require a multitude of documents. Since the invitation to apply is sent directly by Uber, the company already has the necessary information of the drivers on file. However, drivers might be asked to confirm some personal information during the application process to ensure everything is up-to-date.

Application Process And Review Timeframe

After receiving the invitation and applying through the link provided, drivers will need to wait for the card to arrive by mail. The review process of the application is swift, as Uber already has the driver's details.

Once the card arrives, it needs to be activated. Drivers can do this by opening their Uber app, navigating to the menu, and selecting the "Plus Card" option. Upon clicking the "Activate Card" button, drivers will be prompted to enter and confirm their card number, effectively linking the card to their Uber driver account. The app typically activates the card instantly, post which drivers can start using it for 'Order and Pay' orders.

Activating And Using Your Uber Plus Card

Once you've successfully applied for and received your Uber Plus Card, the next steps are activation and understanding its usage. This section will guide you through the activation process, where you can use the card, and how the balance functions.

How To Activate Your Uber Plus Card

Activating your Uber Plus Card is a simple process:

  1. Access the Driver app on your smartphone.

  2. Navigate to the 'Account' section.

  3. Select 'Plus card'.

  4. Enter the 16-digit number found on the back of your card.

Please ensure your app is updated to the latest version to avoid any glitches. If you encounter any issues or haven't received your card within a week of requesting it, it's recommended to contact Uber support.

Where Can You Use Your Uber Plus Card?

The Uber Plus Card is specifically designed for purchases related to 'Order and Pay' or 'Shop and Pay' requests on the Uber platform. It functions just like a credit card when you arrive at the store for a pickup. However, it's crucial to understand that the card is only authorized for use on deliveries where the customer requests you to order and pay or shop and pay for their items.

The card is pre-authorized up to the expected order total for each specific order, meaning you don't need to preload the card with funds. It's also important to note that the card is only to be used for customer orders and not for personal use, like paying for gas or personal shopping.

Recharging Your Uber Plus Card Balance

One of the conveniences of the Uber Plus Card is that you don't need to worry about recharging or topping up the card with funds. For each 'Order and Pay' or 'Shop and Pay' delivery request, Uber pre-authorizes and loads the card with the anticipated amount of the order. This means the card will have sufficient funds for you to pay for the customer's order at the time of purchase.

However, if there's a discrepancy between the pre-authorized amount and the actual order total, or if the card doesn't work for some reason, you may have the option to pay with your personal funds and request reimbursement from Uber. This is only applicable for orders where the customer has specifically requested you to order and pay or shop and pay.

Rewards And Special Offers With The Uber Plus Card

The Uber Plus Card isn't just a convenient payment method for 'Order and Pay' requests; it's also a gateway to a range of rewards and special offers. These incentives are designed to make the driving experience more rewarding and help you save money on expenses related to your delivery services. Here's what you need to know:

What Rewards Does The UbereatsPlusCard Offer?

The Uber Plus Card, particularly in conjunction with the Uber Pro program, offers a variety of rewards:

  • Cash Back On Gas: Drivers can receive up to 10% cash back on gas when they use their Uber Plus Card at any gas station, depending on their Uber Pro status. The higher the status, the more cash back you can earn. This is especially beneficial for drivers who spend a significant amount on fuel.

  • EV Charging: For environmentally conscious drivers with electric vehicles, the Uber Plus Card offers up to 12% cash back at eligible charging stations, depending on the driver's Uber Pro status.

  • Car Maintenance: Drivers receive 15% cash back on purchases at Advance Auto Parts, which can be used for routine maintenance or unexpected repairs.

  • Dining: Drivers can also enjoy 4% cash back at select restaurants, making meal times on the road more affordable.

These rewards are not just superficial perks; they contribute significantly to reducing the daily operational costs of driving with Uber Eats.

Special Offers Available With The UbereatsPlusCard

In addition to the rewards, the Uber Plus Card provides access to special offers:

No-Fee Cashouts: Earnings go directly to your Uber Pro Card after every trip, free of charge. Plus, you can withdraw cash for free at over 55,000 ATMs.

Backup Balance: Depending on your earnings and Uber Pro status, you can access a Backup Balance of up to $150, providing a cushion in case you need immediate cash for any reason.

Upside Stations: By using the Uber Plus Card at Upside stations, drivers can claim additional cash back rewards directly from the Driver app, adding to their savings.

No Temporary Hold At Gas Stations: Pay at the pump without worrying about temporary holds on your card, making refueling faster and more efficient.

The combination of rewards and special offers with the Uber Plus Card enhances the overall experience of driving with Uber Eats. By reducing costs and providing useful benefits, it adds value and convenience, making it an indispensable tool for drivers.

Utilizing The Uber Plus Card

The Uber Plus Card is a valuable asset for Uber Eats drivers, expanding their delivery opportunities and simplifying the payment process for orders outside the Uber Eats network. If you're an Uber Eats driver and haven't received your invitation yet, keep an eye on your email, or contact Uber support to inquire about availability in your area.

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