Benefits Of Uber VIP Membership

Published: October 29, 2023
Last updated: March 30, 2024

Uber, the global ride-sharing giant, combines convenience and luxury to offer a premium experience for its loyal users through the Uber VIP program. Uber VIP members receive exclusive perks such as priority pick-up, priority customer service, and discounted fares. In addition, Uber VIP members have access to exclusive offers and discounts from partner companies.

This blog discusses the benefits of Uber VIP, its requirements, and the enhanced Uber ride experience it promises. 

What Is Uber VIP?

Uber VIP is a unique program tailored for a select group of Uber users, specifically those who possess certain American Express credit cards and are willing to link those cards to their Uber accounts. The program is a result of a partnership between Uber and American Express, known as Amex Benefits. Initially launched in 2015, Uber VIP was a program where Uber invited valued customers based on their ride frequency in specific cities. 

However, the criteria have since evolved. Now, to be eligible for Uber VIP, users must connect either an American Express Consumer Platinum or an American Express Centurion credit card to their Uber account.

Benefits Of Being An Uber VIP

  • Drivers With High Ratings: One of the standout benefits of being an Uber VIP member is that you are exclusively paired with the platform's highest-rated drivers. This ensures that members are matched with drivers who have a rating of 4.8 stars or above, guaranteeing a smooth and safe ride experience.

  • High-Quality Vehicles: Uber VIP riders are matched with vehicles that, while not necessarily of a specific brand or model, are typically newer and of a higher quality. This ensures that Uber VIP riders have a comfortable ride experience. However, it's essential to note that high-quality doesn't necessarily mean luxury. If an Uber VIP rider desires a luxury vehicle, they should opt for an UberBlack trip instead of the standard UberX trip.

  • Exclusive Promotions For Riders: Uber VIP users are often the first to be informed about exclusive promotions, deals, and discounts that Uber offers. This means they get early access to savings and special offers that regular users might not be privy to.

Requirements For Uber VIP Status

Earning the title of an "Uber VIP" isn't just about taking numerous rides. There's a criteria to meet, and certain standards to maintain. Let's break down what it takes to achieve and retain this prestigious status.

How To Qualify For Uber VIP Status

To qualify for the Uber VIP program, users must possess either an American Express Platinum or an American Express Centurion credit card. Once they link one of these cards to their Uber account, they automatically gain access to Uber VIP. It's worth noting that as of November 19, 2018, Uber restricted the program to users who hold at least one of these cards.

Maintaining Your Uber VIP Status

Maintaining Uber VIP status is straightforward. As long as users have their eligible Amex card linked to their Uber account, they will continue to enjoy the benefits of the VIP program. There's no need to meet a specific number of rides or spend a certain amount to maintain the status.

Rewards For Being An Uber VIP

The rewards for being an Uber VIP are numerous. From being matched with top-rated drivers to riding in high-quality vehicles and getting early access to promotions, the benefits are designed to enhance the ride experience for loyal Uber users.

Types Of Rides Available Through Uber VIP

While Uber offers a variety of ride options to all its users, VIP members enjoy a more refined selection. From regular rides with a touch of luxury to exclusive access in select cities, let's navigate through the ride types available for VIP members.

Regular Rides With Enhanced Quality Vehicles And Drivers

Uber VIP members, while having the option to select regular rides like UberX, are often paired with vehicles that are of a higher standard. This doesn't necessarily mean luxury vehicles, but rather newer models that ensure a comfortable ride experience. If a VIP member desires a luxury vehicle, they should opt for an UberBlack ride. However, even with UberX, VIP members can expect to be paired with an excellent driver and a better vehicle.

High-Rated Drivers & Professional Services

One of the primary perks of the Uber VIP program is the assurance of being paired with high-rated drivers. Specifically, Amex Platinum Uber VIP Status members are matched only with drivers who have the best ratings, typically 4.8 stars or above. This ensures that customers will have a smooth journey, emphasizing both comfort and safety.

Exclusive Access To Select Cities Or Areas With Additional Cost Savings

Uber VIP is available in select cities, including Atlanta, Dallas, Harrisburg, Houston, Nashville, New Jersey, New Orleans, New York City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and more. The program is continually expanding, so even if your city isn't currently listed, it might be in the future. Being a VIP member in these cities often means access to exclusive discounts and special offers that regular users might not receive.

Price Protection And Payment Methods Accepted By Uber VIP Program

While the cost of an Uber VIP ride is the same as a standard Uber ride, the value derived is often higher. VIP members get paired with higher-quality drivers and vehicles without any additional cost. Furthermore, eligible American Express Gold Card members can avail the Amex Benefit on their Uber account, which can be used to save money on rides, grocery orders, and food delivery orders.

American Express Cardholders Benefits & Exclusive Offers From The Amex Benefit Program

The Uber VIP program is exclusive to American Express Platinum and Centurion cardholders. These members not only get access to the VIP perks but also receive additional benefits on the Uber platform, including:

  • $15 in Uber Cash for orders with Uber Eats or rides with Uber in the US every month.

  • A bonus $20 in December.

  • Up to $200 in Uber credit annually for eligible orders with Uber Eats or rides with Uber.

In essence, the collaboration between Uber and American Express provides a suite of benefits that significantly enhance the ride experience for cardholders.

Star Ratings For Drivers & Riders In The Uber VIP Program

When you use Uber, the rating system is a two-way street. Not only do riders get to rate their drivers, but drivers also have the opportunity to rate their riders. This mutual feedback system ensures that both parties maintain a standard of behavior and service.

How Ratings Work

After each trip, both riders and drivers have the chance to rate each other on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, based on their experience during the ride. These ratings are anonymous, meaning neither party knows who gave them a particular rating. The average of these ratings determines the overall star rating for both drivers and riders.

Understanding Your Rider Rating

Most riders have an average rating that hovers between 4.5 and 5 stars. However, you can also view a breakdown of your ratings for the last 500 trips you've taken. This breakdown shows you exactly how many one-star, two-star, three-star, four-star, and five-star reviews you've received from drivers. For instance, while you might think of yourself as a courteous and respectful rider, you might be surprised to find out you've received a few one-star or four-star ratings. Unfortunately, the exact reasons for these ratings aren't provided, leaving riders to speculate on what might have caused a lower score.

To check your rider rating:

  1. Open the Uber app on your phone.

  2. Choose "Account" on the bottom right.

  3. Select "Settings."

  4. Tap "Privacy."

  5. Choose "Privacy Center."

  6. Select "See Summary."

  7. Click "View my ratings."

Implications For Uber VIP

For Uber VIP members, maintaining a high rider rating is crucial. Given that VIP members are paired with the platform's highest-rated drivers, it's only fair that these drivers expect to be matched with well-behaved and respectful riders. While the exact rating threshold for Uber VIP riders isn't publicly disclosed, it's safe to assume that consistently low ratings could impact one's VIP status.

How To Use The App As An Uber Rider On A VIP Ride

Using the Uber app as a VIP rider is similar to the regular Uber experience, but with a few added perks and features. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to make the most of your Uber VIP ride:

  1. Open The Uber App: Launch the Uber app on your smartphone. Ensure you have the latest version of the app for the best experience.

  2. Log In: If you're not already logged in, enter your credentials. If you're eligible for Uber VIP, the app will recognize your status.

  3. Select The VIP Option: Once logged in, you'll notice a VIP option alongside the regular ride options like UberX, UberPool, etc. This option is exclusive to VIP members.

  4. Enter Your Destination: Type in your destination in the "Where to?" box. The app will then show you an estimated fare for the VIP ride.

  5. Choose Your Ride: With Uber VIP, you're more likely to be paired with high-rated drivers and better quality vehicles. While you can't choose a specific driver, the algorithm ensures you get the best available.

  6. Wait For Your Ride: Once you've booked your ride, you can track your driver's location in real-time on the map. The app will notify you when your driver is close to your pickup location.

  7. Enjoy Enhanced Features: As a VIP rider, you might have access to in-app features like exclusive promotions, priority support, and more. Keep an eye out for any notifications or badges that highlight these perks.

  • Rate Your Ride: After your trip, don't forget to rate your driver. Remember, as a VIP member, you're likely to be paired with top-rated drivers, so ensure you provide feedback to maintain the quality of the service.

  • Check Your Ride History: Curious about your past rides? The app allows you to view a detailed breakdown of your ride history, including the ratings you've received from drivers.

  • Stay Updated: Uber often rolls out new features and benefits for its VIP members. Ensure you check the app regularly and read any emails or notifications from Uber to stay updated on the latest perks and offers.

Book Your Uber VIP

While the process of booking a VIP ride on Uber is similar to the regular booking process, the enhanced features and benefits make the experience more premium. Whether it's being paired with top-rated drivers, riding in high-quality vehicles, or enjoying exclusive promotions, the Uber VIP program ensures a superior ride experience for its members.

You can enhance your ride experience by learning more about Uber. Find out which is better: UberX or Uber Comfort  by checking out our detailed guide. Visit Keep Driving and browse through the available resources to learn more.

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