Washing & Waxing Your Car : Exterior Car Care

January 26, 2023,

The use of modern polishers and high speed orbitals has since eased the intensive labor of hand waxing the entire vehicle. It still requires lots of work to take faded oxidized paint and return the appearance to clean and shiny.

The key of course is to be consistent with regular washing and waxing maintenance as to significantly reduce the physical labor required for each cleaning. What needs to be understood is the fact that wax on our vehicle does not last too long.

In fact, several types of waxes with different levels of protection and wear are available (Carnuba, Polymer, Bayberry, Wool Wax, etc). Additionally, synthetic waxes and associative compounds are available and growing in abundance as well. Chemists have, and will continue to attempt to produce the highest quality and longest lasting waxes for our car, truck, SUV, boat and RV needs.

As an experienced detailer, I will tell you every three to six months is a reasonable time span between a full polish and wax. Weekly washing and monthly polishing make for optimal waxing conditions with minimal effort expanded.

Total amount of outside exposure to particular environments will dictate the time between waxing efforts. Extreme weather conditions, especially heat, can rapidly eliminate a strong coat of wax if not parked and kept cool in a garage.

The easy-on/easy-off waxes you often hear about are good temporary solutions for paint protection. Flash wax, wash & wax, spray-on wax, etc. are just some examples of the non-pro series waxes for the “do it yourselfer”. Without routine washings, polishing, and waxing…the exterior surface of your vehicle will certainly show premature aging signs.

Just like changing the oil regularly and receiving a tune-up to maintenance under the hood; a regular schedule must be followed to ensure the extended life of the paint finish.

The advanced chemical composition is many times more advanced than most people care to realize. Fact of the matter is that without regular exterior care, protecting and maintaining your car, truck or SUV would be impossible.

To optimize the appearance and overall value of your vehicle, make an effort to wash, polish and wax coat regularly. You’ll be glad to did.

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