What Companies Make Self Driving Cars

by Petra CameronSeptember 1, 2021,

With the emerging technology of self-driving cars, a new generation of driverless vehicles is taking the streets. With cutting-edge 3D imaging and artificial intelligence, developers are able to ensure safety through an immersive driving experience.  Over 80 companies are presently testing more than 1,400 self-driving cars, trucks, and other vehicles in 36 states and Washington, DC. Companies like Tesla, Kia, Apple are prospering in making self-driving cars. Let’s dive deeper to see what companies make self-driving cars.

List Of Companies That Make Self Driving Cars

  1. Tesla

Tesla is one of the promising industries when it comes to automobiles. These vehicles are unique and are leveling up day by day. Tesla's commercialization of Autopilot, fully autonomous driving technology in 2015 has now attracted the attention and competition from other companies to be the first leader in self-driving vehicles. Tesla keeps on updating its feature from time to time. As per the safety instructions, the drivers in the self-driving car are always ready with their hands on the steering wheel to take over the control when needed.

  1. Waymo

Waymo is the front-runner for a place among the top self-driving car companies. It's a Google-led effort that aims to provide self-driving cars. Waymo's fleet of self-driving cars includes vehicles for all kinds of customers, including personal and business users.

  1. Pony.ai

A leading startup that provides unique and efficient vehicles. It is determined towards bringing innovation to the transportation industry. Pony.ai AI-based solutions for self-driving cars are some of the finest in the industry.

  1. Apple

Apple reportedly started working on sealed-driving vehicles in 2016. The company is planning to invest in machine learning and AI solutions. In California, Apple boasts the third-largest fleet of self-driving test vehicles.

  1. Kia Hyundai

In February 2019, Hyundai announced that it will be investing $40 billion in the development of new models and technology for electric and driverless cars. To go along with this, Samsung Electronics (a Korean electronics company), KT (the largest telecommunications service provider in Korea), and Hyundai Motor Company have partnered to test self-driving cars on a 5G network.

  1. Ford

Ford is one of the most enthusiastic and early autonomous vehicle companies, aiming to launch a fully autonomous vehicle as soon as feasible. It aims to have a fully autonomous vehicle on the road by 2021. It has also taken a number of strategic steps in this direction.

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