What Is Decision In Autonomous Driving

by Carmen PickelSeptember 17, 2021
What Is Decision In Autonomous Driving

In an uncertain world, autonomous driving necessitates decision-making skills that will be required in dynamic and unpredictable environments. The uncertainty from noisy sensor data can also result from a human driver's intentions being difficult to measure; however, with this knowledge, there has been an increase in how frequently these cars cause crashes when they do not make good decisions about what course of action should be taken next! To know what is decision making in autonomous driving, read on.

Autonomous driving is a complex and difficult task that requires the use of algorithms in order to be successful. Many researchers have come up with different approaches for handling these types of situations, but one major problem remains decision making at intersections. In order to build an end-to-end driving model, a number of organizations and researchers such as Google Carnegie Mellon University, Berkeley and Baidu, etc, have studied the difficulties of robust tactical decision-making for autonomous vehicles in a dynamic urban environment rather extensively. 

Studies Regarding Decision Making in Autonomous Vehicles

In recent years, an increasing number of researchers have turned their attention to decision-making behavior:

  • In the urban context, Chen constructed a model for vehicle decision utilizing a hierarchical way of finite-state machinery for the diverse drivers and travel characteristics.
  • Ma et al  suggested a decision-making paradigm for autonomous vehicles at complicated urban intersections called "Plan-Decision-Action."
  • Lv et al used a combination of offline and online machine learning methods to create a personalized decision model that could imitate driver behavior features.

In the views of Original Equipment Manufacturers, government organizations, and the general public, autonomous vehicles (AVs) are moving from a distant prospect to a near-term reality. As recent and harrowing incidents have demonstrated, this transformation is not without risk; accidents will continue to occur even as technology improves. Undoubtedly, the autonomous vehicle's decision-making is a crucial element under such circumstances.

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