When Will The New KIA Logo Be On Cars?

by Carmelo PickelApril 12, 2022

With the announcement of its new logo, Kia lit up the sky with fireworks. The company unveiled its design in the skies above Incheon, South Korea, setting a Guinness World Record and announcing the new global brand slogan.

The redesigned logo was adopted by all Kia models in 2021. Although the name Kia remains the same, the letters are stylized and well connected. It signals the brand's commitment to its new brand purpose that the logo was designed to look like it's handwritten. 

As part of its efforts, Kia stated that it is redesigning nearly every aspect of its business. As part of this change, the company introduced the slogan "Movement that inspires." As part of this process, it outlined a $25 billion product plan in late 2020. The company is currently working on developing off-roaders, including a Humvee-like model intended for military use.

The automaker didn't stop at simply releasing a statement; it also unveiled its new logo during a fireworks display in South Korea. A Guinness World Record was set for the most unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) firing fireworks simultaneously, with 303 pyrodrones launched simultaneously, a show involving hundreds of fireworks and setting a new record for the most pyrodrones launched simultaneously.

The new logo from Kia was unveiled right away. Kia is set to offer its reworked logo on all its 2022 model year vehicles starting with the Carnival minivan (or multi-purpose vehicle, as Kia lingo calls it) and the Stinger fastback.

Kia has been on a roll lately, especially in the United States. Many new vehicles were launched recently, including the Telluride crossover, the K5 sedan, the Seltos, and a restyled Sorento. However, Kia's global CEO, Ho Sung Song, calls that impressive product onslaught only part one of "Plan S."

As of early 2022, Kia will introduce a new version of its Plan S (the "S" stands for "Shift"). According to Automotive News, Song hopes to "make the brand more dynamic, stylish, and innovative," with a focus on electric cars. By 2025, Kia plans to introduce at least 11 electric vehicles due to its massive $25 billion investment.

"The best way we can prepare for all this is by taking advanced countermeasures," Song said. "We will try to develop our new customer target simultaneously as our brand relaunch."

Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), shared with Hyundai, will power Kia's upcoming EVs.e underpinnings underneath. The brand expects its EVs to generate at least 20 percent of worldwide sales by 2025 and even more by 2029.

The company also relaunched its logo, first seen on its electric Imagine concept car in 2019. The new Kia logo gives the traditional wordmark a modern, italicized feel - giving it a more contemporary look. The three letters are now connected, and the circular surround that has been synonymous with the brand since its founding has been dropped.

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