Why The Driving Age Should Not Be Lowered

by Carmelo PickelAugust 11, 2021,

The driving age is 18 in most states because of the dangers of inexperienced drivers being present on the road. Lowering the driving age would lead to more accidents and fatalities on our roads, harming society.

There are many reasons why the government should not lower the driving age. Younger drivers have a higher risk of being involved in an accident than older drivers due to inexperience and lack of skill. 

Secondly, lowering the driving age would result in more traffic congestion as there will be more cars on the road with inexperienced drivers who may drive recklessly or dangerously. Some researchers also relate the driving age limit with teenage pregnancies, which is a problem nowadays, especially for teenage parents.

People need to understand that lowering the driving age will only create new problems without solving old ones. We need to focus on improving our current system rather than making it worse by adding another variable into play, such as lower driver's ages and putting inexperienced drivers behind the wheel. 

If we want safer roads, we need better education about how dangerous this can be for everyone else. The statistics are clear. Lowering the driving age would endanger more lives and will also increase insurance rates for all drivers. 

Lowering the driving age will only lead to more accidents on our roads. It's time we stop letting these young drivers on the road who are too naive to make decisions for themselves. Let's keep the driving age where it is so that the children can grow up before making decisions for others in life.

Despite the many accidents young teenage drivers cause, some people still want the driving age to be lowered. Teenagers are more likely to have an accident than adults because they lack experience and maturity. They also tend to drive too fast or take risks that lead to crashes. 

Lowering the driving age would only make these problems worse for everyone on the road, including increased car accidents and fatalities. It could also lead to more people being on the road during rush hour traffic, negatively impacting the environment.

Lowering the driving age would cause more accidents, increased traffic, and a higher risk of injury for young drivers. People must wait until they are 18 before getting their driver's license to help them become better drivers.

So, in conclusion, the government should not lower the age to 16 and keep it at 18. To know more about laws and rules about traffic concerning your safety, visit us at www.lakevillemotor.com.


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