Top ZipCar Alternatives in New York City For 2023

Published: September 4, 2023

Navigating the bustling avenues of New York City is a dynamic dance, interweaving taxis, buses, cyclists, and pedestrians. Yet, for those moments when you need the convenience of a car without the strings of ownership, car-sharing has become the city's newest rhythm. While Zipcar once dominated this beat, a new ensemble of alternatives is taking the stage in NYC. Join us as we cruise through the top contenders that are reshaping the car-sharing scene in 2023, offering some of the most compelling Zipcar alternatives NYC has to offer.

What is ZipCar?

Zipcar is a leading car-sharing service, granting its members the convenience of vehicle usage without the burdens of ownership. It operates on a membership-based model, where individuals can reserve cars for a few hours or even days at a time. But as demand for such services grows in NYC, other providers have entered the scene with attractive offerings.

An Overview of ZipCar Alternatives in NYC

The Big Apple has seen a surge in car-sharing platforms, each boasting unique features and benefits. This article highlights some of the prominent Zipcar alternatives NYC residents can consider.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

As one of the dominant players in the car rental industry, Enterprise Rent-A-Car has carved out a significant niche for itself, especially in bustling hubs like New York City. Its vast network, commitment to customer service, and adaptable offerings make it an attractive choice for many. Here’s a more detailed look into what Enterprise offers in the Big Apple:

Availability and Pricing

Located strategically across the cityscape of New York, Enterprise ensures that residents never find themselves too far from one of their locations. This accessibility, combined with their flexible pricing, is what sets them apart. They understand the diverse needs of city dwellers and tourists alike, offering both hourly and daily rates. Their pricing often becomes more enticing during weekends when specials are rolled out. Moreover, those who require vehicles for extended periods can benefit from discounts, making long-term rentals more economical.

Vehicle Selection

Whether you’re navigating the tight lanes of Manhattan or embarking on a road trip outside the city, Enterprise has a vehicle to suit your needs. Their fleet is an eclectic mix, from fuel-efficient compact cars perfect for short city trips to spacious SUVs designed for family outings. For those special occasions or business events, Enterprise's luxury lineup promises a driving experience that's both comfortable and stylish. Regular maintenance checks and updates to their fleet ensure that customers always have access to the latest models in pristine condition.

Payment Options

Ensuring a hassle-free rental experience extends to the payment process with Enterprise. They accept all major credit cards, making it straightforward for members to settle their bills. But it’s their bespoke billing program for businesses that truly stands out. Recognizing that companies might have regular rental needs, Enterprise has crafted a program that simplifies the booking and billing process. Companies can set up an account, allowing for direct billing, which negates the need for employees to pay upfront and then wait for reimbursements. This not only reduces administrative tasks but also ensures that businesses can keep track of their travel expenses in real time.


One of the industry stalwarts, Hertz has been synonymous with car rentals for years. In a city as dynamic as New York, Hertz's commitment to quality service and an expansive fleet meet the multifaceted demands of both residents and visitors.

Availability and Pricing

Being deeply embedded in the NYC transportation fabric, Hertz has established several pick-up and drop-off points, ensuring renters never find themselves out of options. Whether it’s bustling commercial centers or quieter residential streets, a Hertz location is typically just around the corner. Their pricing strategy is nuanced, catering to a broad spectrum of customers. Regular renters can extract more value through Hertz's loyalty programs, enjoying discounts and perks. Additionally, those who prefer planning ahead can often seize attractive promotional rates with early bookings.

Vehicle Selection

Diversity is at the heart of Hertz's fleet selection. Whether you're an eco-conscious driver looking for the latest hybrids or someone wanting to experience the city in a luxury car, Hertz promises not to disappoint. The range they offer ensures that, regardless of the journey or occasion, a suitable vehicle awaits.

Payment Options

Hertz simplifies the payment process, accepting a wide range of credit cards. However, the real gem in their service arsenal is the Gold Plus Rewards program. Members of this program experience expedited checkouts, garner points with each rental, and can redeem these points for discounts and free rental days, enriching the overall rental experience.

Avis Car Rental

A significant name in the car rental arena, Avis brings its international reputation and standards to the streets of New York, ensuring that every customer finds a ride tailored to their needs.

Availability and Pricing

Avis's strategic presence across New York City reflects its deep understanding of the city's pulse. From major airports to central city locations, Avis ensures accessibility for tourists and locals alike. Pricing is transparent, with variations based on the type of vehicle, rental duration, and pick-up location. Frequent renters should keep an eye on Avis's website, where the company often rolls out special deals and discounts.

Vehicle Selection

Avis’s commitment to quality and variety is evident in its fleet. Their Signature Series is a testament to this, offering discerning drivers the chance to navigate NYC in premium brands like BMW or Mercedes-Benz. However, the heart of their fleet lies in the versatile range of sedans, SUVs, and vans, ensuring that whether it’s a family trip, business commute, or just a day out in the city, Avis has the perfect set of wheels ready.

Payment Options

With Avis, transactions are seamless. Customers can pay using various credit cards, ensuring flexibility. A unique feature they bring to the table is the "Split My Bill" option. Especially useful for group travels or business trips, this feature allows renters to divide the rental cost across multiple cards, adding an extra layer of convenience to the process.

National Car Rental

National Car Rental, a veteran in the car rental industry, might not dominate NYC's landscape, but its select locations are all about strategic convenience. Their transparent pricing and promotions, especially for Emerald Club members, make them a favorite among both business and leisure travelers. Their fleet boasts a mix of modern sedans, family-friendly SUVs, and luxury options. With an intuitive reservation system online and via their mobile app, National ensures a hassle-free rental experience, making them a solid choice in the city's competitive car rental market.

National also prides itself on speedy service. Emerald Club members often enjoy express pick-ups and drop-offs, minimizing wait times. Their customer support, available both online and offline, is renowned for its responsiveness. In a bustling city like NYC, National's commitment to time-saving and efficient service gives them a distinctive edge. Their focus on customer-centric innovations ensures that they remain a strong contender among NYC's car rental options.


Why should I consider Zipcar alternatives in NYC?

While Zipcar is a popular choice for many, some users might prefer alternatives due to factors like availability in specific locations, vehicle choices, pricing structures, or loyalty programs offered by other rental services.

Are these Zipcar alternatives NYC-specific?

No, most of these companies operate nationwide and even internationally, but their services are tailored to meet the unique demands of NYC's fast-paced environment.

How do insurance and fuel costs work with these alternatives?

Most companies include insurance in their rental rates, though specifics vary. As for fuel, some include it in the price, while others provide fuel cards or reimbursement options.

Are the pricing and vehicle options consistent among all Zipcar alternatives in NYC?

No, each car rental service has its own pricing model, promotions, and fleet variety. It's recommended to compare the options based on your specific needs and preferences before making a reservation.

Do I need a membership to rent from these Zipcar alternatives in NYC?

While some operate on a membership model similar to Zipcar, others allow one-off rentals. It's best to check each provider's model to see which fits your needs.


The NYC transportation landscape is constantly evolving. While Zipcar has made its mark as a reliable car-sharing service, the growing list of Zipcar alternatives NYC offers ensures that residents and visitors have multiple options to suit their specific needs. Making an informed choice can lead to a more seamless, cost-effective, and enjoyable travel experience in the city that never sleeps.

Dive deep into the intricate details of Zipcar rates in NYC. Understand how to optimize your spending while enjoying the city's top car-sharing service.

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