007 James Bond Cars Collection

Published: October 11, 2022

The different vehicles that appear on screen in the 007 James Bond films are among their most recognisable features. We're taking off the car covers to expose a comprehensive list of every vehicle used by 007, from the Lotus Esprit shown in The Spy Who Loved Me to the clumsy but useful Bajaj RE featured in Octopussy.

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Let’s dive right into the incredible cars used on James Bond sets over the years.

Sunbeam Alpine

The Sunbeam was an English-built vehicle that was made in the West Midlands, just outside of Coventry, like many Bond vehicles that would come after. The famous vehicle also appeared in the book Dr. No, where John Strangways, the chief of Jamaica's Station J, used it as his personal vehicle. It was said that in order to save money on the cost of importing their own Sunbeam for the movie, the filmmakers had borrowed one from a local citizen!

Bentley Mark IV

From Russia with Love introduces the Bentley Mark IV. Despite this being only Bond's second expedition, he once more utilises his car to enjoy the company of a stunning woman. He is in this instance picnicking with the gorgeous Sylvia Trench. At that point, he receives a call from the headquarters ordering him to return home. He nevertheless flips up the convertible roof to complete his date with Miss Trench despite the obstacle.

Given that it was 30 years old when the movie was released, the Bentley Mark IV was an intriguing choice for a Bond movie. Despite this, the Mark IV nevertheless adds something special to the collection of Bond cars on our list.

Aston Martin DB5

One of the most recognised and well-known vehicles in movie history, the Aston Martin DB5 epitomises the James Bond character. The filmmakers opted to employ the newer DB5, which had only been produced three months before to filming. In the novel, Bond had driven a DB Mark III. The special effects crew equipped the vehicle with a wide variety of tools, including as an ejector seat, machine guns, a smoke screen, and tyre slashers.

As a result of the tie-in Corgi model of the DB5 becoming the best-selling toy of the year, the creators used the vehicle again for the subsequent movie, Thunderball. A DB5 has since appeared in the films Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies, Casino Royale, and Skyfall.

Toyota 2000 GT

The Toyota 2000 GT, widely regarded as Japan's first supercar, was an easy option for the Bond movie You Only Live Twice, which is predominantly set in Japan. The car is more uncommon than a DB5, with just 351 models made. Although the 2000 GT was a hardtop coupé, Sean Connery found the low roof to be uncomfortable since he was too tall to get inside the car. Toyota quickly made changes to create a unique open top version just for the movie.

Aston Martin DBS

It was only fitting to give George Lazenby, the new James Bond introduced in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, the newest Aston Martin. The Aston was crucial to both introducing the new main actor and the stunning conclusion of the movie. In an artful beginning, Bond is initially seen driving a gorgeous Aston Martin DBS down a winding road in Portugal as his face is obscured by a shadow. At the conclusion of the movie, Bond's wife is killed through the windshield of the DBS.

Under David Brown's management of the firm, for whom the DB series was named, the Aston Martin DBS was the final vehicle it built. Diamonds Are Forever, the Bond movie that came next, had a brief scene of the DBS being equipped with missiles.

Mercury Cougar

When Bond is on the run in Piz Gloria without his Aston Martin, he must rely on his future bride Tracy Di Vicenzo and her red Mercury Cougar. Tracy reveals to be a capable driver, out-cornering the guys attempting to shoot them down. Tracy enters a stock car race circuit in order to avoid the trail, and after a few laps, she manages to escape, leaving the henchmen wrecked in a catastrophic accident.

Ford Mustang

Sean Connery reprises his role as the self-assured and lethal super spy 007. Bond leads Las Vegas cops on an epic chase while driving Tiffany Case's Ford Mustang. Bond does a few clever stunts, and the officers collide as he speeds away. There's more to the pursuit than that, including a time where he's driving on two wheels to make his getaway, but it surely highlighted the Ford Mustang in all of its brilliance.

AMC Hornet

Mary Goodnight is abducted by Francisco Scaramanga in The Man With the Golden Gun. Bond rushes to his car to pursue Ms. Goodnight, only to discover that she has the keys. Bond spies a car dealership and steals an AMC Hornet, driving it directly out through the store window, with Scaramanga almost out of sight. Sheriff J.W. Pepper from Live and Let Die returns as a Bangkok visitor who happens to be in the passenger seat of the Hornet.

The two pursue Scaramanga, with Pepper providing humorous relief in the stressful action scenario. Bond swerves in and out of the congested Bangkok traffic to make up for lost time. Scaramanga manages to double back on Bond and travel in the opposite direction with some inventive driving. Bond promptly performs an incredible backwards-forward manoeuvre to perfection, but soon finds himself on the opposite side of a river from Scaramanga and miles distant from a bridge. Bond sees an old destroyed bridge and performs a 360-degree barrel roll over the river in the film's signature stunt.

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