How Hot Does Car Exhaust Pipes Get

Published: November 15, 2021
Last updated: March 14, 2022

The average temperature of a car's exhaust pipe is between 400 and 500 degrees. Depending on how long you have been driving, it can be as low as 300 or higher than 1000! The heat from engine emissions is removed by the muffler/exhaust system and vehicle insulation to keep us safe.

Factors Affecting Heat from Exhaust System


The condition of your engine and exhaust makes a huge difference in how hot or cold something will get. If there are any constrictions, like clogged pipes, for instance, then you'll be able to feel that as well as see higher temperatures than expected because heat cannot flow freely through them as it should otherwise do with open channels!

Additionally, overheating can cause engine failure. 

The harder it is for an engine to produce power, the hotter its gases become, which in turn will lead up with Summit Racing's warranty coverage!

Engine Speed

The more you accelerate, the faster your engine works. This means that there is an increase in pressure and volume of gases coming out of each pipe up ahead on their journey to wherever they need to be delivered too-your muffler!

You are going to notice a huge difference between the temperatures of gases when your car is running at 800 RPMs versus 1800. In fact, if you simply idle with the engine off, it won't get nearly as hot!

Pipe Length & Design

Every exhaust system is designed differently, but the size and shape of the pipes affect how cool or hot they get. The longer you ride without stopping, the faster their temperature will rise unless there are vents in place for better ventilation.

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