How To Fix A Car Charger Port

Published: August 5, 2022
Last updated: March 29, 2023

Every car has a cigarette lighter, a power source for phone chargers and USB ports, and a convenient place to charge your phone. We all know that chargers for our mobile phones in our cars are essential to our daily lives. Nothing is more important than being able to charge your phone and other devices on the go, whether you are commuting to work every morning or are an avid traveler who likes to go away for a few days at a time. The truth is that even though the majority of people carry a variety of portable phone chargers, power banks, and wall chargers, there are times when you have to depend solely on the built-in USB Car Charger in your car. It is important to realize that these chargers can also be damaged over time. 

If this scenario occurs, nothing is worse than being unable to use your charger when needed. This can become a real issue if it continues to occur. We will look at a few reasons why you may have a problematic car charger port in this blog post and how to fix it.

Do you know how to fix the charging port on your car?

There is a charger included with your new smartphone. When you tried to plug in your phone the other day, you found that the ports were bent, and the USB charger did not work! Don't be concerned - you're in good hands! You can fix your car charger port by following the steps below:

Check The Fuse

Like many other electrical components, it is common for your car's cigarette lighter to have a fuse. Before you do anything else, you should check the fuse panels. Several years of use can wear out fuses and must be replaced. You can, however, do the exchange yourself, and it's quick and easy.

The operating instructions on your vehicle will tell you where the fuse is located. Once the fuse has been found, it should be replaced right away. You can use the old one as a sample when you buy a new one. The first step is to get a backup since it only costs one or two dollars.

Replace The Button

When a blown fuse is not responsible for the defect, the button itself may blame itself. All vehicles can safely be equipped with an original manufacturer's button. Depending on the model, it costs about 20 dollars.

It is important to check the socket before you buy a button. You can do this by plugging in the navigation system's charging cable and checking whether it's charging USB devices. The button may cause it, and it must be replaced if that is the case. A button that does not charge the navigation system is functional and should not be replaced.

Have The Socket Replaced

If both factors have been eliminated, the lighter socket itself may be defective. Before you buy an actual socket, you should have it checked by a specialist shop.

In cases of defective sockets, they only need to be replaced. It would help if you had a workshop to check the 12V sockets because some are not connected equally. Unless you are familiar with electronic devices, you should hire a mechanic to repair the device. Depending on the model, there is a $50 to $100 cost difference.

Fix The Broken Port

A car charger port can snap just like that. This is common. However, following simple steps shouldn't require fixing your car charger port. The first step is locating the part of the broken port. The harbor is unscrewed from the rest of the device here. 

A small tube or wire will work well as a replacement, as long as it has the same diameter. Look for something that has a bit of giving but is also hard enough to keep you from breaking it.

You can pull the old power port out with a pair of pliers if you can grasp it well. The new USB-C port should now be inserted. If it's not secure, check it. Then you're done! Your device can now be charged again with ease!

Damaged Wires

Problems like this can be fixed. Using a toothpick or knife, the first step is to find exactly where the damaged wires are located. Putting the wires together concurrently will fuse them. It will make them as strong as new, and you'll be able to use your car charger port again! To become more independent and save money, it's vital to repair car charger port problems. 

Broken/Bent Car Charger

There have been times when we have twisted or broken our car charger, making it unusable. It shouldn't be difficult for you to do this; you only need a pair of pliers. The only thing that needs to be done is to straighten or replace the metal pins that hold the charger to the phone's plug. 

You might still be able to feel them inside the plug. Grab the pins with the pliers, bend and twist them until they return to their original shape. A quick and straightforward fix is available if your charger breaks off your phone's plug. A pair of pliers can be used to bend back the metal pins.

It's time to seek professional help if you can't fix it or can't find the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does The Car's Charging Port Not Work?

The charging port on your car might not work for various reasons. A dirt or lint buildup could prevent the port from connecting to the charger. It is common for cars to need auto service when they have a problem.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Car's Charger Port?

Depending on the damage and the repair needed, car charger ports can cost a lot to fix. Prices typically range between $50 and $150, but it could be more or less based on the specific circumstances. Some USB charging systems need to be replaced completely, increasing the cost. In most cases, it is usually relatively easy and quick to repair the charge port.

Why Is My Car Charger So Slow?

If the cell phone charger you're using for your car cannot charge large devices, such as iPads or phablets, it may be slow. Smaller devices like phones and tablets will likely be charged by the charger. Moreover, the charger may not be able to charge the car's battery if the battery drains fully.

How Can I Make My Car Charger Work Faster?

A car's lighter USB charger can be made to work faster. An energy-efficient USB cable can be used for charging. In addition, you can use chargers with shorter cables.

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