How Hot Does Car Trunk Get

The car's interior temperature can reach between 130 and 172 degrees when parked in direct sunlight, with an outside temperature range of 80-100.

Here are a few things that you need to avoid keeping in your hot car trunk.


Extreme heat can reduce the effectiveness of certain medicines, so it's important to be cautious. Dr. Sarah Westberg from University of Minnesota College Pharmacy told NPR that there had been cases where people had adverse reactions and needed hospitalization because their medication wasn't working as expected in extremely hot weather." so it is recommended that you do not store your medicines in your car trunk especially in high temperature.

Plastic water bottles and food containers

It could be harmful to you to drink water from a plastic bottle that is kept in a hot car trunk. Potentially dangerous substances like BPA could leach into their contents, altering hormones over time and increasing the risk for certain endocrine disorders.

Phones, tablets, computers, and other tech

It is important to read the manual for your phone, tablet, and other cherished devices. One tip may be that you should avoid exposing hardware such as its batteries or screens to high temperatures because they can cause permanent damage!


The sunscreen you rely on for protecting your skin can become dangerous to your skin if kept at a hot place like a hot car trunk. It can badly ruin your skin. We suggest you keep your skin products in a cool place. Even if you keep them in the car, then switch on the AC if it is hot outside.


Leaving a six-pack of your favorite porter or cabernet in the car is never safe. The sun's rays break down acids, and compounds that result will bind with sulfur proteins giving it an unforgettable "skunked" taste.


Do not keep your favorite chocolate in a hot car trunk. It will melt your chocolate and make it bad in taste. Keep yu chocolates at cool places to make them last longer and be good in taste.

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