How Much Does A Car Paint Touch Up Cost?

Published: July 27, 2022

Check out the steps below to find out how much fixing it will cost you once you've assessed what kind of damage you're dealing with.

For Minor Damage:

For all of the aforementioned sorts of automotive paint damage, mobile specialists are probably available close to you. The least expensive choice will be a mobile technician, and they will travel to you!

You'll pay between $150 and $250 for all of the minor paint chip, scratch, and scrape repairs they can do for your car. For little, superficial chips and scratches, touch-up works great. Each panel will cost roughly $75 to repair dents.

Although touch-up repairs won't necessarily make your automobile appear brand new, they will cost a lot less and look much better than body shop work. They should last for as long as you own the car and will prevent the damage from getting worse. 

For Extensive Damage: 

You might wish to get your car's paint sprayed rather than just touched up if the damage is widespread and substantial.

Use mobile spray paint services if a vertical surface (such as a car door) has moderate damage. If you have damage to numerous panels, this could be your best alternative and will cost you $200 to $400.

You'll need a body shop if the moderate to considerable damage to your car is on a horizontal surface (like the hood), is too severe for touch-ups or mobile spray painting, or if you simply want it to seem brand new.

Regarding dust and other particles adhering to the car, horizontal and vertical surfaces differ from one another. Outside of a controlled atmosphere, it is practically hard to prevent particulates from obstructing spray paint work on horizontal surfaces.

For this reason, you'd be better off bringing your automobile to a body shop that has access to a room that is clean and well-ventilated and is designated just for that use. The cost of a panel at a body shop can range from $250 to $600, depending on the shop and where you live.

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