Mastering Your Route: How to Add a Stop on Lyft

Published: August 2, 2023

Navigating through pedestrian-heavy cities with ease and convenience is the modern traveler's dream. The growth of ride-sharing apps, such as Lyft, has revolutionized urban mobility, making it seamless to traverse cities.

But the question we find often echoed is: How do you add a stop on Lyft? In this comprehensive guide, we will help you master your route and learn how to add a stop on Lyft app.

Understanding Lyft: A Brief Overview

The user-friendly design of the Lyft app makes booking a ride an effortless task. Users simply input their desired destination into the app, and in a matter of seconds, a request is sent to Lyft drivers in the immediate vicinity. Once a driver accepts the request, the user's journey begins. 

One of the distinctive features that sets Lyft apart is the ability to add stops throughout your journey. This can be highly advantageous, whether you need to make a quick stop at a grocery store, pick up a friend, or have multiple destinations.

How to Add a Stop on Lyft: A Comprehensive Guide

Step 1: Open the App

Begin by opening the Lyft application on your smartphone. Ensure that your location services are turned on so the app can detect your current location.

Step 2: Request a Ride

Input your final destination into the search bar at the top of the screen. The app will automatically suggest popular locations based on your current location, but you can also type in the address manually.

Step 3: Add a Stop

Before you finalize your ride, you have the option to add a stop. Look for the '+ Add stop' option under the destination you've just entered. Tap on this, and another search bar will appear.

Step 4: Input the Stop Details

Type in the address or name of the place where you want to stop. It could be anything from a cafe to a friend's house. Once you've entered the details, select the location from the dropdown menu.

Step 5: Confirm Your Ride

After adding the stop, you'll return to the ride selection screen. Here you can see the route including your stops. If everything looks correct, select your preferred ride type (Lyft, Lyft XL, Lux, etc.) and confirm your ride.

While you are on your journey, you can add, change, or remove stops. To do so, tap 'Edit ride' in the bottom corner of your app. However, remember that changes can affect your ride cost and the driver's route.

When you reach your stop, the Lyft driver will wait for a maximum of 5 minutes. Make sure to keep your stops brief to respect your driver's time. After you're back in the car, your driver will continue toward your final destination. The fare will include travel to, from, and wait time at the stop.

The Advantages of Adding a Stop on Lyft

In the ever-evolving world of ride-sharing services, Lyft has set itself apart with innovative features that enhance user experience and convenience. One such feature is the ability to add a stop during your ride. But why is this feature beneficial?

Let's delve into the primary reasons to add a stop on your Lyft journey.

1. Personal Convenience

The key advantage of adding a stop on Lyft is personal convenience. The world doesn't stop moving when you're on the road, and this feature understands that. Need to pick up groceries on the way home? Or perhaps grab a quick cup of coffee en route to a meeting?

With the 'add a stop' feature, these tasks can seamlessly fit into your travel itinerary, saving you time and effort.

2. Accommodate Additional Passengers

The ability to add a stop allows for more flexibility when you're traveling with others. Whether you need to pick up a colleague on the way to work, or you're gathering friends for a night out, adding a stop means everyone can conveniently rendezvous without the need for multiple vehicles or separate ride requests.

3. Retrieve or Drop Off Items

We've all had those moments of forgetfulness, leaving important items at home or at the office. With the ability to add a stop on your Lyft ride, you can easily swing by to retrieve forgotten items.

Likewise, if you need to drop off something, this feature makes it possible without disrupting your travel plans.

4. Enhances Travel Efficiency

Adding a stop in your Lyft journey can significantly enhance your travel efficiency. Instead of booking separate rides for each errand or stop, you can accomplish multiple tasks within a single ride. This not only saves you time but also cuts down on travel costs and reduces your carbon footprint.

5. It's Easy and Flexible

Lastly, adding a stop is an incredibly simple process. The user-friendly interface allows for real-time changes to your route, providing the flexibility to adapt your journey as needed. Whether you decide to add a stop while booking or during the ride, Lyft accommodates your request, making your ride experience smooth and customized to your needs.

Key Considerations When Adding a Stop on Lyft

The Lyft ride-sharing service has become a vital part of our urban transportation fabric. With its 'add a stop' feature, it's possible to customize your journey in real time, ensuring the utmost convenience.

But while using this feature, there are several key considerations to keep in mind. Here are some of the most crucial ones:

1. Limit the Duration of Your Stop

Lyft encourages users to limit their stop duration to no more than 10 minutes. This restriction serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it ensures the driver can adhere to their schedule and fulfill other ride requests to maximize their earning potential. Secondly, it maintains the flow of traffic and reduces unnecessary waiting time.

2. Be Aware of the Impact on Your Fare

When adding a stop on Lyft, it's crucial to note that the estimated fare includes the stop. However, if the stop duration extends beyond what is expected, this could impact the final fare. The additional time and distance could increase the cost of the ride.

3. You Can Only Add One Stop at a Time

Although you can add multiple stops on your journey, you can only add them one at a time. Once you've reached your first stop and are ready to proceed, you can then add another stop, if needed.

4. Changes to Your Stops Are Allowed

Lyft understands that plans can change at the last minute. That's why you can edit your ride details even during your journey. You can change or remove a stop as required. However, it's advisable to inform your driver of any changes to ensure smooth communication and a pleasant ride experience.

5. Good Communication Is Key

When you add a stop, ensure that you inform your driver as soon as you board the vehicle. This open communication allows the driver to plan the route efficiently and ensures there are no surprises along the way.

6. Respect Your Driver’s Time

As a passenger, it's crucial to remember that drivers use their personal vehicles and are investing their time to provide you with a service. Hence, respecting their time by being quick at your stops ensures a positive ride experience for both parties.

7. Remember to Rate Your Driver

Finally, don't forget to rate your driver at the end of the ride. Ratings help recognize the efforts of drivers who go above and beyond to accommodate your requests. If your driver seamlessly managed the extra stop, consider reflecting that in your rating and feedback.

Remember, while Lyft makes it easy to add stops to your journey, it's important to consider the driver's time and your fellow passengers' convenience (if you're using shared rides). Use this feature responsibly, and you can make the most of your Lyft experience. By mastering the art of adding stops in Lyft, you'll have the flexibility to customize your ride to your specific needs, thus enhancing the quality of your journey.

Final Thoughts

Adding a stop in your Lyft journey allows for the flexibility to run errands, pick up a friend, or simply grab a quick snack without disrupting your ride. But while enjoying this convenience, it's essential to keep these considerations in mind to ensure a positive and respectful ride experience for both you and your driver.

In essence, mastering your route on Lyft is about understanding the platform's functionality and using it to your advantage while respecting the service's parameters and the driver's efforts. By considering these points, you're well on your way to becoming a savvy Lyft rider!

In addition to adding stops on rides, did you know that Lyft offers so much more for their passengers and riders alike? Discover how you can take advantage of free Lyft rides when you sign up!

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