How To Change Rear Window Wiper Blade

Published: November 7, 2021
Last updated: March 14, 2022

Are you planning to change the rear window wiper blade at home? Here is our guide on changing the rear window wiper blades.

Step 1: Make sure you've got the right replacement blades for your car

It can be a little tricky to find the right blade for your car, but it's not impossible. Just make sure you buy one that matches up with what size wiper arm or motor is on there! If this hasn't been covered yet, you should have details in an owner's manual, so check those first.

Step 2: Clean your screen.

Before we start, you need to give your windscreen a clean in order to remove any dirt, dust, and grime. Take the time to ensure no tree sap is stuck on it, as this can affect quality wiping!

Step 3: Grab a towel or cloth.

If you remove the windscreen wipers, be sure to protect yourself with something soft. A rolled-up towel or thick fabric is ideal for this purpose, but any other sort of padding will do in a pinch!

Step 4: Lift your wiper arms.

Once the wiper blades are in place, lift each one off with care. You might need to move them into a specific position before lifting, so check your vehicle's manual or search online for guidance on accessing this part if necessary!

Step 5: Remove your old blades

Once the blade's arms are lifted, you can remove old ones. There is a variety of mechanisms that may be used for fixing them. Some need sliding down and unhooking. Others require removing clips holding it in place. If all goes well with your wiper blade removal endeavor, then don't throw away these important pieces of equipment - instead, recycle at a local waste collection facility near home or work.

Step 6: Clip your new blades in

It's important to be careful when replacing your wiper blades, as it can cause the clips or housing to their break. It's also crucial that you follow instructions carefully and take time because excessive force will result in cracks on both plastic covers of the blade itself!

If your car has different lengths of wiper blades for each side, make sure you are attaching the correct blade. To attach it correctly, remove one old clip from its package and attach this onto another new clip on top with slots cut out, so they fit together tightly around an arm's circumference near where they join at their bottom parts.

Step 7: Place your wipers back on the screen

Once your new wiper blades are securely in place, remove the towel protecting them and gently put it back on again.

Step 8: Give them a test swipe.

Take a look at your wiper blades and ensure they're sitting on the windscreen correctly. If you're happy with how it looks, give them a test swipe to see if it functions properly. Once this has been confirmed, we can check whether any adjustments need doing or not!

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