What We Like About the Honda HR-V

Published: April 10, 2022
Last updated: August 16, 2022

Like its better-known brother, the CRV, the HR-V has been making waves as one of the best subcompact SUVs currently on the market. The Honda HR-V is more affordable than the CR-V. Yet Honda seems to be packing the HR-V with more and more features. 

As the HR-V has become more like the best-selling CR-V, we thought we would compare it to popular rivals and see how it measures up. 

Value vs Cost

One thing that concerns us because it concerns the shopper is the value of the vehicle vs the cost.  Honda SUVs have been about as durable as Honda cars, which would indicate a long road life. 

Furthermore, the HR-V has good gas mileage. There are many subcompact SUVs that don’t do well in this area.  Shoppers will do well to compare fuel economy for other models vs the HR-V.

Last but not least, a long list of driver assistance comes with the entry-level price. That makes this subcompact extremely competitive in its class. For those hoping their new ride will keep up with the times, this one includes the latest technology for preventing accidents. This includes such features as automatic emergency braking and lane assistance.

Plenty of Space

You wouldn’t guess it from the exterior, but the HR-V comes with plenty of space. Compared to the competition, it offers more room than other vehicles in its class. Its Magic Seat® allows you to set up the interior to fit your needs with three cargo modes.

Inside offers 101.1 cubic feet of space for the passengers to enjoy, which means that not only do the front seat passengers get plenty of room, but even the rear seat gets a roomy 36.3 inches of legroom. On top of that, there are 24.3 cubic feet of cargo space.

Looking at other vehicles within the same class, the Mazda CX-30 only has 94.1 cubic feet of passenger space. It only has 20 cubic feet of cargo space. 

Ride Quality

The HR-V has great ride quality for its size and price point. The well-tuned suspension and responsive steering bring a comfortable ride on smooth roads. These driving dynamics guarantee a safe and pleasant experience.

The standard option for the HR-V is a front-wheel drive, but there is an option for all-wheel drive.  This is an all-weather system that’s important to people in mountainous or cold climates where snow is a regular occurrence. 

Trim Packages

There are four trim packages for the HR-V: the LX, Sport, EX, and EX-L. 

All trim packages come with the 2nd-row Magic Seat, good dash tech, and driver assistance features.

LX is the base trim package and includes all the basics a person expects today. You’ll still get full Bluetooth connectivity, a 5 inch LCD screen, and a 160-Watt audio system.

The Sport option is excellent for those who want just a little more connectivity options than the LX, as it includes Apple Car Play and Android Auto. 

We recommend the EX for more bang for your buck. The EX trim package includes all the luxury and comfort options, including heated seats and a moonroof.

The big difference between the EX and EX-L is that EX-L has leather details on the seats, steering wheel, and shifting knob. The EX-L is also the only trim package to include an automatic dimming rear-view mirror. If you don’t mind cloth seats, the EX saves you money and still gets what you want most.


Overall, the HR-V is an excellent SUV, and we are really looking forward to what Honda decides to do with it in the future.  It may never catch up to the CR-V in sales, but it certainly seems to be charting its own path.

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