How To Defog Rear Window

Published: November 2, 2021
Last updated: March 14, 2022

Why do Car Windows get Fogged Up?

In the wintertime, it's not just our skin that needs to stay hydrated. The lower humidity in cold environments means we need more moisture from clothing and shoes than when it is warm outside. In winters, even the windows get frost and fog accumulate on them. It is very important to defog the windows if you are driving. 

Defog & Defrost Car Windows Fast

Turn your heater on.

The heater should be set on warm-up or defrost. This will help to remove any excess moisture in your vehicle and prevent the formation of rust from occurring before it has a chance. The engine must also be started - crank up all lights related to heating systems, including headlights if they're not already turned on!

Press the A/C button.

Pressing the A/C button will activate a setting on your car's air conditioning system that helps prevent water from getting inside by drying out any moisture already present.

Turn air recirculation off.

Turn on the fan and then open up your windows. The recirculation is what makes it so hot inside, but that's just going to trap even more water vapor in there! You need fresh air coming into this car, or else you'll start getting moldy carpets from all of that excess wetness. 

Crack your windows.

Cracking your window is one of the best ways to speed up air conditioning. When you crack open a door or vent, hot, humid inside cools down quickly because all that moisture leaves as soon as possible, and cold, dry outside replaces it!

Defrost Windows.

A common way to defog your windows is by using a spray bottle of isopropyl or rubbing alcohol mixed with water. You can also use this same mixture on frosted glass, which will help remove any ice buildup quickly before beginning the process of removing it all together!

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