How To Delete Your Lyft Ride History

Published: January 20, 2024
Last updated: January 31, 2024

Have you noticed your Lyft ride history becoming overwhelming and difficult to access? Whether your goal is protecting your privacy, decluttering records, or starting fresh with Lyft, they have provided an easy solution for removing specific rides from your ride history. Here, we provide a step-by-step process on how to delete your Lyft ride history.

How To Delete Your Lyft Ride History                  

Step 1: Open The Lyft App                

Step one in managing your Lyft ride history is installing the Lyft app on your mobile device. If it hasn't already, download and install it from your app store; launch it by tapping its icon once it's there.

Step 2: Sign In                       

As you log into your Lyft account, remember that using these same credentials, if ever interested in applying a promo code for discounts, will make future rides even more cost-effective. It is an effective and simple way of saving on travel.

Step 3: Access The Menu                

Tapping on the menu within the Lyft app not only leads to your ride history but also provides additional options. For instance, if you've ever wanted a comprehensive list of all rides taken with Lyft, there's now an easy way of gathering this data - perfect for personal record-keeping or expense tracking!

Step 4: Select Ride History                       

In the "ride history" section, reviewing past rides to delete might be a good time to consider why regularly checking history can be beneficial. It helps understand your travel habits and ensures that all your trips are accurately recorded.

Step 5: Browse And Choose Rides         

Upon selecting "ride history," you'll have a list of your previous Lyft rides. Take some time to browse through this list and identify the specific ride or rides you wish to remove from your history. You can tap on the rides you want to delete to highlight them.

Step 6: Delete The Selected Rides        

Once you've selected the rides you wish to delete from your history, the next step should be removing them. Look for an option like "delete" or a trash can icon; Lyft usually provides clear visual cues to facilitate this action and tap "delete."

Step 7: Confirm Deletion     

After confirming the deletion of your selected rides, you might ponder over the entirety of your Lyft account. If you need to delete your Lyft account entirely, it's helpful to know that there's a straightforward process for that as well.

Important Notes

You may be unable to delete your entire ride history in one go. Depending on the Lyft app's functionality, you should repeat these steps for each ride you want to remove individually. Deleting a ride from your Lyft history will also remove any associated payment and rating information. Be aware of this if you want to keep a record of these details.

Other Tips for Deleting Lyft Ride History

Your Lyft ride history can build up over time, serving as a record of your past trips. Though your records can be invaluable for tracking expenses or tax filing purposes, reducing clutter or protecting privacy may sometimes be necessary by removing certain rides from your history. Lyft allows users to delete individual rides, yet they must understand all the necessary steps and considerations when doing so effectively.       

This guide will offer valuable tips and step-by-step instructions on how to delete your Lyft ride history and maintain control over your data. Whether you are an occasional Lyft user or looking to clean up your records, these tips can help make this process smoother - here are our top 10 tips for successfully doing so:        

  • Use The Latest Lyft App Version: Be sure to install the latest Lyft app on the device. App updates come with enhanced features and a more intuitive interface.

  • Log In: Please ensure you are logged in before deleting the ride history.

  • Reviewing Your Rides: Spend some time reviewing your history of rides to determine which ones you want to delete. It will be easier to delete rides if you review your ride history.          
  • Batch Delete: Save time by deleting your rides in groups. It is useful to do this if your history of rides is extensive.               

  • Double-check selections: Double-check before confirming that the rides selected are correct. As deleting a trip is irreversible, it's important to be accurate.               

  • Privacy Considerations: If you delete ride histories for privacy, the information associated with payment and ratings will be removed. Be sure that you'll not need these details later.            

  • Documentation: You can save the ride information you need to use it for taxes or expenses.

  • Contact Support For Lyft: Feel free to contact Lyft for help with any issues. If you require assistance, they are available to help.                   

  • Remove Cache: Clearing its cache or data can improve the app's performance. It may fix any glitches that are related to deleting ride histories.    


Cleaning up your Lyft ride history is a straightforward process with just a few easy steps. Following this guide's steps, you can easily delete specific rides from your Lyft ride history to maintain a more organized and discreet record of your trips. Lyft provides tools that enable you to tailor its management of ride histories according to your personal needs or desires.                

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