How To Glue Convertible Rear Window

Published: November 14, 2021
Last updated: March 14, 2022

Convertible cars are a type of luxury vehicle that can be lowered to provide open-air driving. Some convertibles have glass windows on the back, which does several things but is not just limited to providing durable frames for top attachments and ensuring clear views when you're cruising down your favorite roadways with friends or family in town. Gluing these tops together should not pose many difficulties at all. Just make sure there's ample prep work done before alignment. Ensure that everything fits flush as possible against both sides' frames, otherwise, gaps may develop under pressure.

Step 1

Cleaning up the glass is important before you apply your glue. Get a bottle of cleaner and some paper towels to make sure it's clean, no gooey residue on there!

Step 2

Apply a bead of weld-bond glue to the edges of your glass. Carefully apply that prepared piece on top with even tension. Make sure you keep it straight for the best results! If there are two people doing this whole process together, it'll be much easier than trying alone.

Step 3

Press down on the fabric around your convertible top, making sure you keep pressure for at least three minutes.

Step 4

When you're finished applying the glue, wipe off any excess or seeping with paper towels. If it starts drying up, just soak a cotton ball in acetone-based fingernail polish and rub off dried pieces of the residue using those same swabs!

Clean the car's windows with a cloth and glass cleaner 12 hours after installation. It is important that you do not drive for another 12 hours to ensure that all of your newly installed glazing glue has completely cured before getting behind the wheel again!

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