How To Soundproof a Car Trunk

Published: November 10, 2021
Last updated: March 14, 2022

Are looking for ways to make your car trunk soundproof? Here are the easy steps to do it. 

These step-by-step processes will help you with this problem.

Preparation For Making The Car Trunk Soundproof

To install soundproofing material in your car, you need to remove all the things from inside the trunk. This includes removing any trimmings such as carpets or trunk lids, so they don't get caught on anything during installation! The first thing is cleaning away any dirt with detergent and alcohol, drying your car trunk, and following the other steps.

Choosing The Right Acoustic Materials

What soundproofing do you choose to use inside your car trunk? There are too many materials for the job. But it is usually a foolish thing to use all of them because they will increase weight and decrease efficiency. So determining where and how much really needs depends on what type of vehicle we're working with might be enough as far as effectiveness goes!

Install The Sound Deadening Layer

Do you know that your car trunk is about 15 to 30 sq. ft.? Most people, when they see their trunks, do not exactly understand the area, which is why it's important for them to collect all materials after using some of those and fall short because there aren't enough soundproofing layers on top or near where these items will be stored inside this confined space as well as protecting against outside noises such as traffic vibrations from nearby roads depending upon what kind of vehicle we drive.

Install The Sound Blocking Layer

First of all, know the difference between sound absorbing and sound blocking. You need to use sound-absorbing material on the major structural parts from where the sound is coming to absorb it. 

Use the sound blocking layer on the heavy-duty cardboard and set it in your car trunk. It will cover the spare parts and give you more space to store things.

If you want to make your card trunk completely silent, apply the sound blocking layer on the sound deadening material.

Finish The Final Touches

Sometimes people don't cover these materials, and it will look so bad when you open the trunk. The soundproofing material on your car's trunk can really change its appearance. We suggest you give the final touches, remove extra glue, tape, etc and give it a neat and clean look to make it look aesthetically appealing.

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