Uber Lost And Found: Retrieving Your Misplaced Items

Published: October 19, 2023
Last updated: October 30, 2023

As summer travel hits record highs and with the influence of astrological events like Mercury in Retrograde, which is believed to heighten forgetfulness, Uber riders are more prone than ever to leave items behind. From the essentials like phones and wallets to the more unique and quirky finds, the Uber Lost & Found Index offers a captivating snapshot of the items riders forget. 

This guide dives deep into the world of forgotten belongings, providing insights, trends, and even some light-hearted tales from the backseats of Uber cars.

What Is Uber Lost And Found?

Uber Lost and Found is a feature provided by Uber to help riders retrieve items they may have accidentally left behind in an Uber vehicle. It's a common occurrence for passengers to forget personal belongings in the car, and Uber has set up a system to facilitate the return of these items. The primary method to retrieve a lost item is to contact the driver directly.

Common Items People Leave Behind In Uber Cars

While the specific list of common items isn't provided in the content accessed, it's widely known that riders often forget items like phones, wallets, keys, glasses, and bags in Uber cars. For a more detailed list, one might refer to the annual "Uber Lost & Found Index" which Uber releases, showcasing the most commonly forgotten items and some of the most unique items reported lost.

Lost And Found Policies

Navigating the process of retrieving a lost item can be daunting. However, Uber has established clear policies to streamline the retrieval process, ensuring riders can reclaim their belongings with minimal hassle.

Contacting Drivers

When you realize you've left an item behind in an Uber, the most straightforward method to retrieve it is by contacting the driver. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do so:

  • Access Your Trips: Open the Uber app and tap on "Your Trips."

  • Select The Relevant Trip: Choose the trip where you believe you left your item.

  • Find The Lost Item Option: Scroll down and tap on "Find lost item."

  • Contact The Driver: Tap on "Contact driver about a lost item."

  • Enter Your Phone Number: Scroll further down and input the phone number you'd like to be reached at, then tap submit.

  • Wait For The Call: Your phone will ring, connecting you directly to your driver's mobile number.

  • Coordinate The Return: If the driver answers and confirms they have your item, discuss a suitable time and location to meet for its return.

  • Leave A Voicemail If Necessary: If the driver doesn't answer, leave a detailed voicemail describing your item and the best way they can reach you.

The Process Of Retrieving A Lost Item

If you've left an item in an Uber, the process of retrieving it involves several steps:

  • Contact The Driver: As mentioned above, the primary step is to get in touch with the driver. They are the first point of contact and will likely have information about your lost item.

  • Lost Phone Protocol: If the item you've lost is your phone, you can still access your Uber account from a computer. Log in, navigate to "Your Trips," select the relevant trip, and follow the steps to contact the driver.

  • Coordinate A Meetup: Once in touch with the driver and after confirming they have your item, arrange a mutually convenient time and place to retrieve it.

  • Alternative Support: If you're unable to sign into the app (for instance, if you've lost your personal phone), you can connect with Uber support via webchat.

It's essential to act quickly once you realize you've left something behind. The sooner you contact the driver, the higher the chances of retrieving your item. Additionally, always ensure you check your belongings before exiting any Uber vehicle to prevent such situations.

Bizarre Items Left Behind In Uber Cars

While it's common for riders to forget everyday items like phones, wallets, and keys in Uber cars, there have been instances where some truly unique and bizarre items have been left behind. Here's a list of some of the most unusual items that riders have reported forgetting in their Uber rides:

  1. Food Items:

  • Some tater tots

  • 500 grams of caviar

  • A pie

  1. Personal Belongings:

  • My grandma’s teeth

  • A Buddha locket

  • A "Life is tough but so are you" blanket

  • Supreme underwear

  • A Billie Eilish ukulele

  • A crochet strawberry (which was particularly meaningful to the rider)

  • A dart labeled “unleash the beast”

  • A ball gag and stethoscope

  1. Unusual Objects:

  • "It’s Boba Time" apron

  • Foldable unicorn kid chair

  • Cat litter and a reptile heating bulb

  • A grass cutter and tree trimmer

  • A painting described by the owner as a "sh*tty painting of a moose"

  • Unicorn band-aid box

  • 6 pool drains and an Employee of the Month plaque

  • Breathalyzer

  • Bernie Sanders fanny pack

  • Toy airplane

  • Star Wars-themed items: Yoda headband and Darth Vader helmet

  • Part of a soft serve ice cream machine

  • A metal leg

  • Painting of Kung Fu Panda and a pink air pump shaped like a pig

  • A piece of a broom

  • Antique walking cane with a concealed sword

  • 17 flowers and 3 milk teas

  • Urns containing pet ashes and family member ashes

  • A tube designed for chugging drinks, described as very expensive

  • Two pairs of snorkeling goggles and a passport from China

  • A power washing machine and a wooden carved fish

  • Dream catcher and a deck of tarot cards

  • Diamond grill

  • A loose pear-shaped diamond with a $1000 reward for its return

  • A bucket of slime

  • Small rhino sculpture

  • A wig and a cloth

  • A single blonde strand of hair

  • Spray tan machine

  • Paw Patrol blanket

  • Breast pump and a white cowboy hat

  • 10lbs of hamburger meat

  • Burger and banana fridge magnets

  • A windmill

These items provide a fascinating glimpse into the diverse and sometimes quirky nature of Uber riders. It's a reminder that no matter how unusual the item, it's always a good idea to double-check your belongings before leaving the car.

Trends And Insights From The Uber Lost & Found Index

Most Forgetful Cities And Times

  • Cities: Austin, TX, has been crowned the most forgetful U.S. city for two consecutive years. Other cities that made the list include Charlotte, NC; Houston, TX; Indianapolis, IN; Dallas, TX; Kansas City, KS; Atlanta, GA; Tampa Bay, FL; Columbus, OH; and Phoenix, AZ.

  • Days And Times: Uber riders across the United States are most forgetful on Saturdays and Sundays. The early evening, specifically between 4-6 pm, sees the highest number of reports for items left behind. Notably, St. Patrick’s Day Weekend (March 20) and July 4 were the most popular two days of the year for riders to leave belongings on the backseat.

Lost Items That Peak On Certain Days:

  • Mondays: Glasses, chargers, and cardholders.

  • Tuesdays: Kid’s items like car seats, pacifiers, milk, and strollers.

  • Wednesdays: Passports and books.

  • Thursdays: Groceries and laptops.

  • Fridays: Cash and fanny packs.

  • Saturdays: Clothing, ID, and keys.

  • Sundays: Phones, wallets, jewelry, and makeup.

2022 Lost & Found Trends

  • Forgetful Fans: Over 50 jerseys from teams like the Rangers, Warriors, Giants, Eagles, and LA Dodgers were left behind by fans.

  • Keys: Toyota keys are the most frequently forgotten, followed by Honda, BMW, and Jeep.

  • Timing: 5 pm is the peak time when riders tend to forget their belongings.

  • Brands: Nike seems to be the most forgotten brand, followed by Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Samsung, and Apple products.

  • Health And Wellness: Over the past year, more than 40 riders reported leaving behind their CPAP machines. Additionally, more than 30 riders forgot their retainers, over 20 riders left their gold or diamond-encrusted grills, and 5 individuals left their dentures on the backseat.

  • Musical Instruments: Instruments like flutes, drums, trombones, ukuleles, and DJ equipment were all reported as lost items in the past year.

These trends and insights provide a fascinating look into the habits and behaviors of Uber riders. Whether it's the hustle and bustle of daily life or simple forgetfulness, it's clear that riders leave behind a wide range of items in their Uber rides.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered some of the most frequently asked questions about Uber lost and found so you can better understand it.

How long does it typically take to retrieve a lost item from an Uber ride?

It largely depends on the driver's schedule and availability. Once you contact the driver and they confirm they have your item, you can coordinate a suitable time for its return.

Is there a fee for retrieving lost items from Uber?

Yes, there's a $20 fee charged to your Uber account once your lost item is returned. This compensates the driver for their time and effort.

What if the driver doesn't respond or denies having my item?

If the driver is unresponsive or claims not to have your item, you can contact Uber support for further assistance.

Can I retrieve items lost on a trip that someone else booked for me?

Yes, but the person who booked the trip should report the lost item through their Uber app to ensure a faster connection to the right driver.

What are the most common items left behind in Uber cars?

Phones, wallets, and keys top the list. However, there are numerous unique items that riders leave behind, as highlighted in the annual "Uber Lost & Found Index."

Is there a time limit to report and retrieve a lost item?

While there's no strict time limit, it's recommended to report a lost item as soon as you realize it's missing. The sooner you act, the higher the chances of retrieving it.

Finding Your Belongings With Uber Lost And Found

The lost and found process can be complicated, but Uber's structured approach simplifies the process. It's always a good practice to double-check your belongings before leaving any vehicle. However, should you find yourself in the all-too-common predicament of leaving something behind, Uber's Lost and Found feature is there to assist. 

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