What Is The New Kia Logo and Why It Changed

Published: April 11, 2022
Last updated: February 21, 2024

Kia will debut its new logo on all vehicles beginning with the model year 2022. This includes the Sedona, Sportage, Sorento, Rio, K5, Telluride, Stinger, etc. We think Kia had a long-overdue logo update, given its improved quality. 

A patent has been filed for this logo, and several Kia dealers say it will be the upcoming logo.

The Kia logo was designed in 2021 to signify a fresh start and discontinue the previous trajectory. The rhythmic, unbroken line of the logo communicates Kia's commitment to bringing moments of inspiration, while the symmetry indicates confidence," the brand explained in a press release.

Until recently, Kia cars were considered cheap, but they're trying to change that image. Over the past decade, Kia vehicles have become more reliable. There were some reliability issues during the early years of Kia's production. Those issues have been resolved in 2015 and subsequent models. Today's Kias are just as good as Hondas and Toyotas, if not better. 

A Kia with the old logo can be retrofitted with the new logo by replacing all the badges.

We love Kia's new logo. The South Korean automaker made the right decision with the redesign. Despite the bold changes to the logo, Kia's vehicles have greatly improved, which was exactly what the brand needed.

Want to customize your KIA with a unique logo? You can choose from these aftermarket Kia logos. In the Asian market, Kia uses the broken K logo and the 3D K logo. Kia can be considered an "Asian success story."

Kia 3D K Logo Emblem

Enhance your Kia's appearance with this 3D K logo emblem. The Kia K design is one of the most popular ones to replace the stock Kia emblem. You should at least get the three-piece kit to replace the front, rear, and steering wheel badges.

Kia K Carbon Fiber Black Edition

The Kia 3D K logo comes in a carbon fiber black edition. Kia badges are easily replaced on your Soul, Optima, Forte, or Sedona steering wheel, front and rear. Don' forget to order the correct logo for your particular Kia model.

Kia Logo Red Badge

It would look amazing on a black, white, or red Kia with the Kia K logo in red. It can be used to replace the Kia badge on the front grille, the trunk, and the steering wheel.

Kia Logo Blue Emblem

If you prefer the color blue, the Kia K logo in blue is a great choice. You can install it on blue, white, or black Kia vehicles. 3D K logos are still available. The broken K color is available in both chrome and black. Additionally, the blue K logo can be trimmed with carbon fiber and black.

Kia K Logo White

The final design of the broken K logo features a white background. This may be worth considering if your car is white or black. Depending on the color of your Kia car, a white logo may look good. To replace the Kia badges on the front and rear of your vehicle, use this Kia emblem.

Typical Kia Logo Sizes

Here are the typical logo sizes:

  • Front: 110mm X 56mm
  • Rear: 129mm X 65mm
  • Mini Sticker: 18mm
  • Wheel Center Cap: 18 mm

Models such as the Optima, Forte, Sedona, Sorento, Rio, K5, and others may differ in their logo sizes. Before purchasing a Kia logo set, be sure to check the fitment.

New Kia K badges are very easy to install. The oval Kia logo on the front and rear will need to be removed. Removing the oval Kia logo from the steering wheel can damage the airbag, so we do not recommend it. A 3M tape is attached to the back of each sticker. Be careful not to install each emblem the wrong way around.

It is held in place with glue on the hood and trunk badges. It will be easier to remove the Kia badge if you warm it with an electric heat gun. Airbags should not be heated. It's best to keep the heat gun on the lowest setting to prevent damaging the car's paint.

We recommend Goo Gone Cleaner. The stock Kia badge must be removed from the steering wheel before installing the Kia K badge. The OEM badge should be removed from the steering wheel using a flat screwdriver.

It is easy to replace the Kia K emblem once the old badge has been removed. After installing the emblem, don't wash your Kia for at least 24 hours, and don't let water or rain get near the emblems. US and international markets use the text version, while South Korea uses the broken K logo.

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