Party At Home: Does Uber Eats Deliver Alcohol?

Published: July 4, 2023
Last updated: July 9, 2023

The on-demand food delivery landscape has drastically changed, with services such as Uber Eats leading the charge. Now the question buzzing is, "Does Uber Eats deliver alcohol?"

How Uber Eats Works

Before we delve into this subject, let's briefly understand what Uber Eats is. Uber Eats is a popular online food ordering and delivery platform launched by ride-sharing service Uber. It works with local restaurants to deliver meals to customers' doorsteps.

Uber Eats operates via an app where customers can browse various restaurants and menus, place an order, and have it delivered by an Uber Eats driver, also known as a delivery partner. But is this service limited to food, or does it extend to beverages such as alcohol?

Alcohol Delivery and Online Platforms

In the era of digital convenience, alcohol delivery is becoming increasingly popular. But it's not as simple as food delivery due to various regulations and legalities that come with it.

Growth and Popularity

With lockdowns and social distancing norms, there's been a surge in demand for home delivery of alcohol. Many online platforms have jumped on this trend, extending their services to include alcohol delivery.

Legal Challenges and Considerations

Despite the potential for growth, alcohol delivery comes with many legal considerations. These include age verification to prevent sales to minors, adherence to local alcohol sales times, and various licensing requirements.

Uber Eats and Alcohol Delivery

So, does Uber Eats deliver alcohol? The answer is yes but with certain conditions.

The Process Explained

Uber Eats has made alcohol delivery possible through partnerships with liquor stores and some restaurants that offer alcoholic beverages. Like food items, users can add alcohol to their cart and check out on the Uber Eats app.

Availability and Restrictions

However, the service is subject to local laws and regulations. It may not be available in all locations and is generally restricted to customers aged 21 and over in the United States.

Age Verification

To ensure compliance with legal age restrictions, the Uber Eats app prompts users to verify their age before completing an alcohol purchase. Furthermore, the delivery partner must check and verify the customer's ID upon delivery.

Location Limitations

The availability of alcohol delivery varies from city to city, depending largely on local liquor laws. Some locations may not permit the delivery of alcohol at all, while others may have specific restrictions around the types and quantities of alcohol that can be delivered.

Pros and Cons of Alcohol Delivery with Uber Eats

Like any service; there are pros and cons to getting your alcohol delivered through Uber Eats.


Convenience is the primary advantage. You can get your favorite alcoholic beverage delivered to your doorstep, often within an hour. Plus, the wide range of options means you can choose from various drinks that might not be available at your local store.


On the downside, there may be additional delivery fees, and prices can be higher than what you'd find in a store. There's also the risk of delayed delivery during peak hours and the possibility that the service may not be available in your area due to local regulations.

The Future of Alcohol Delivery with Uber Eats

Uber Eats' venture into alcohol delivery reflects the evolving demands of consumers in the digital age. While it's currently limited by various factors, this service will likely expand as laws and regulations adapt to new trends in e-commerce.


1. Can anyone order alcohol from Uber Eats?

No, only customers of the legal drinking age in their location (21 and over in the US) can order alcohol.

2. Is Uber Eats' alcohol delivery service available everywhere?

No, the availability of this service is subject to local liquor laws and may not be available in all locations.

3. Can I order any type of alcohol from Uber Eats?

The types of alcohol available for delivery depend on the offerings of the partnered liquor stores or restaurants and local regulations.

4. Are there additional fees for alcohol delivery through Uber Eats?

Yes, like food delivery, alcohol delivery also comes with delivery fees, and prices may be higher than in-store prices.

5. What measures does Uber Eats take to ensure legal compliance in alcohol delivery?

Uber Eats requires age verification from customers ordering alcohol. The delivery partner also checks the customer's ID upon delivery to ensure they are of legal drinking age.


In conclusion, Uber Eats does deliver alcohol, but the availability of this service depends on local laws and the customer's age. With the rapid growth in on-demand delivery services, it's exciting to see how Uber Eats and other platforms will continue to innovate and reshape our dining experiences.

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