How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Car Axle For A Mini Cooper

by Carmen PickelApril 26, 2022
Mini Cooper

It costs roughly $237 to replace an axle in a Mini Cooper, with $114 in parts and $123 in labor. The prices may vary depending on where you live.

What Are CV Axles, And How Do They Work?

Almost every front- or all-wheel drive car has a CV axle. "CV" is an acronym for constant velocity. Your engine is in the car's engine compartment, and your transmission is nearby. They are not mobile when the car is being raised or lowered. You have the suspension and wheels on the car, which raise and lower to absorb bumps and steering on the front. Two constant velocity joints are attached to either end of a CV axle. The other end mounts in the wheel hub while the other end exits the transmission. The axle spins as the suspension moves up and down, and you steer the car. 

A front-wheel-drive car will have one on the passenger side and one on the driver's side. There are two more in the rear of an all-wheel-drive car. Rubber accordion-shaped boots cover each CV joint which keeps dirt and water out and protects it from grease. Wear and tear, mileage, and the environment can cause these boots to rip. Grease, dirt, and water can enter the CV joint when they rip, resulting in joint wear. Often this will result in clicking noises from the front of the car when turning.

When To Replace Your CV Axles

A mechanic should inspect this part every time your Mini Cooper is serviced to ensure it's not damaged. A damaged part should usually be replaced or repaired as soon as possible due to its importance. If not, it could cost you more in the future.

CV axles are not changed on a set schedule. You may not be aware that the boots on your Mini Cooper are torn unless you have your car inspected by a mechanic regularly. The following are some signs of worn CV axles.

  • From the front of the car, a clicking sound can be heard when turning
  • The inside of your wheels or the ground around your car is smeared with heavy black axle grease.
  • Vibrations occur at highway speeds.

How Mechanics Replace CV Axles

To replace the faulty CV axles of a Mini Cooper, the mechanic will:

  • Check whether the axle shaft needs to be replaced.
  • Remove the wheel and replace the faulty axle to fix the problem.
  • Torque the wheels and fasteners according to the manufacturer's specifications.
  • Ensure the transmission fluid is topped up.
  • Make sure the tire pressure is correct.
  • As a bonus, some garages will align your wheels as well.
  • Conduct a road test.

Is It Safe To Drive A Mini Cooper With A Worn Out CV Axle?

Yes, you can do so for a short time. However, you may find that the CV breaks and leaves you stranded in time. Your engine and transmission don't transmit power to your wheels except through your CV axle. Your CV axle is essential for keeping you on the road.

Keep these things in mind when replacing your Mini Cooper’s CV axles:

  • Only one of the axle shafts on your car likely needs to be replaced, but this is not always the case.
  • In many cases, even if the CV joints or boots are the only components of the axle that require replacement, the entire axle should be replaced.
  • CV axles can lock up if exposed to snow and road salt in a climate with a lot of snow. It may be necessary to replace the CV axle with additional parts or labor.

Benefits Of CV Axle Replacement

A CV axle may wear out over time. In most cases, the outside boots take the brunt of the damage since they are more often exposed to moisture, road debris, etc.

What are the benefits of replacing them? If the CV axle doesn't work correctly, the wheels will not turn, and if the wheels don't turn, your Mini Cooper won't move. It is simple: the CV axle connects the wheels to your car's transmission, so if it fails, the wheels won't turn.

As you can see, they play a pretty significant role. The whole axle should be replaced rather than repairing individual parts, even if only one is damaged.

How To Save Money On CV Axle Replacement

If the joint section on the driver's side is pitted, you may be able to avoid a replacement by swapping the joint with the opposite side. In this case, the CV axle will "spin backward" so that the pitting will not have an impact.

By doing this, you will effectively be able to get twice as much out of the part. The garage might charge you a lot for labor, so this is not recommended.

In most cases, prevention is better than cure for car problems. If the wheel is removed from the CV axle, you need to check it for damage every time. It is sometimes enough to change the boot if the damage is minor.

Performing the work yourself is another way to save money. Auto shops typically charge more for labor because it is a time-consuming task. It costs much less to replace the boot once labor is factored in than to replace the entire part. Your mechanic can provide you with this information, or if you are handy with cars, you might undertake the work yourself and save yourself a lot of money.

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