Navigating the Turo Landscape: All You Need to Know About Turo Young Driver Fee

Published: August 15, 2023
Last updated: August 25, 2023

Renting a car for the duration of your stay presents a convenient and efficient means of navigating your way through town. It's a travel option that offers flexibility, freedom, and the opportunity to explore your destination on your terms. As you consider your travel plans, you may have come across rental listings on platforms like Turo.

However, it's important to be aware of a factor that could impact your rental experience – the Turo young driver fee. In the realm of car rentals, Turo, much like other rental companies, applies a fee that's linked to your age. This fee is particularly relevant if you fall within the 18-24 age bracket.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the ins and outs of Turo young driver fee.

Understanding the Turo Young Driver Fee

Turo, much like other car rental companies, implements a specific fee structure based on the driver's age, known as the Turo Young Driver Fee. The fee amount is determined by your age group and the duration of vehicle usage. The Turo Young Driver Fee applies exclusively to renters aged between 18 and 24 years.

Upon reserving your rental, Turo seamlessly integrates the young driver fee into your overall billing. Regrettably, Turo does not offer any provisions for waiving this fee. This holds true unless you possess the extraordinary ability to miraculously alter your age within a single day.

How Much is the Turo Young Driver Fee?

The Turo Young Driver Fee, an integral aspect of Turo's car rental policies, warrants a deeper examination. This fee, specifically aimed at renters aged 18 to 24, plays a pivotal role in shaping rental costs and aligning them with the inherent risks associated with young drivers.

18 Years Old

A crucial element of the fee structure lies in its age-dependent variation. For an 18-year-old embarking on a Turo rental journey, the fee stands at $50 per day. This initial entry point reflects the acknowledgment of higher risk levels posed by less experienced drivers within this age bracket.

21 Years Old

As the driver crosses the significant threshold of 21 years, the fee undergoes a notable reduction. At this juncture, the supplementary charge lessens to $30 per day, providing a financial respite for those who have gained more driving experience and presumably greater caution.

The Purpose of the Turo Young Driver Fee

The Turo Young Driver Fee serves the purpose of covering the increased risk associated with younger renters within the age range of 18 to 24.

1. Mitigating Risk

This fee aids in mitigating potential risks and liabilities that may arise due to the relatively less experienced and statistically higher-risk driving behavior of individuals in this age group.

2. Actuarial Justification

The fee's calculation is grounded in actuarial considerations, factoring in statistical data on accident rates and claims associated with young drivers.

3. Supporting Fair Pricing

By allocating the cost burden to those with a higher likelihood of requiring assistance, Turo aims to maintain fairness in pricing for all renters.

4. Enhancing Fleet Safety

Proceeds from the fee can contribute to implementing enhanced safety measures, educational resources, and improvements in the overall rental experience for both young and experienced drivers.

It's noteworthy that Turo isn't alone in adopting such a fee structure. Across the car rental industry, similar pricing models are commonplace. This trend underscores the collective acknowledgment of the challenges linked with young drivers and the need to address them.

Exploring Alternative Avenues

Regrettably, the pleas and appeals to Turo won't succeed in erasing the daily $30-$50 young driver fee from your invoice. However, there are alternative pathways worth considering.

Addressing the Turo Young Driver Fee requires a strategic approach, as the company itself doesn't provide direct methods to circumvent this additional charge.

1. Opting for Commercial Host Rentals

Turo's booking options encompass two distinct avenues: peer-to-peer hosts and commercial hosts.

  • Peer-to-Peer Bookings: When reserving through Turo's direct listings, which resemble the Airbnb concept but for cars, the young driver fee remains a standard inclusion due to Turo's management of protection plans.

  • Commercial Host Rentals: Commercial hosts involve third-party rental companies utilizing Turo for bookings. With this option, the external company determines insurance requirements and potential fees. Opting for a compatible commercial host can help you evade the young driver fee, as their age restrictions and charges may differ.

2. Shared Costs for Enhanced Savings

Leveraging the communal aspect of peer-to-peer rentals presents an intriguing opportunity to mitigate expenses while enjoying a more vibrant experience.

Adding a friend as an extra driver, provided they meet eligibility criteria, could drastically reduce trip costs. For instance, a $30 daily fee for a 21-year-old could be halved by splitting it with a friend.

3. Leveraging Outside Waivers

Some external factors can come to your aid in circumventing the young driver fee.Several companies, including Hertz and USAA, may waive the fee if specific criteria are met.

For instance, a AAA membership might lead to fee exemption at Hertz, while USAA membership could yield the same result with other companies. Assessing rental rates, insurance options, and additional perks across rental agencies can help you make informed decisions tailored to your needs.

How Does Turo Work?

Turo operates as a peer-to-peer car rental platform, redefining the traditional car rental experience. By facilitating direct connections between car owners and renters, Turo introduces a dynamic and personalized approach to car rental.

Booking Process: Seamless Steps

  • Browsing Listings: Renters start by browsing a diverse range of listings, each offering unique vehicles suited to various preferences and needs.

  • Selection: Once a suitable vehicle is found, renters proceed to book the rental, specifying rental dates and any add-ons they desire.

  • Booking Confirmation: The car owner then reviews the request and either confirms or declines the booking. Once confirmed, the renter receives details on pickup arrangements and other relevant information.

Rental Experience: From Handover to Return

  • Pickup: At the designated time and location, the renter meets the car owner to pick up the vehicle. Owners may provide instructions, demonstrate vehicle features, and ensure a smooth handover.

  • Rental Period: Throughout the rental period, renters enjoy the flexibility to use the vehicle as needed while adhering to any stipulated guidelines set by the owner.

  • Return: Upon completion of the rental duration, renters return the vehicle to the agreed-upon location, ensuring it's in the same condition as received.

Insurance and Protection: Ensuring Safety

Turo incorporates protection plans to ensure the safety of both parties. Owners can select coverage levels, and renters can choose the plan that aligns with their comfort and needs.

Payment and Fees: Transparent Transactions

Turo manages payment processing, handling rental fees, additional charges, and applicable taxes. Renters are informed of all costs upfront, fostering transparency in financial transactions.

Review and Feedback: Shared Insights

After the rental concludes, both renters and owners have the opportunity to leave reviews and ratings. This feedback system enhances trust and aids future renters in making informed decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Turo Young Driver Fee, and why is it charged?

The Turo Young Driver Fee is an additional charge imposed on renters aged 18 to 24. It aims to account for the higher risk associated with less experienced drivers within this age group. The fee is based on actuarial considerations and statistical data related to accidents and claims involving young drivers.

2. Can I avoid paying the Turo Young Driver Fee?

While Turo doesn't provide a direct waiver option for the fee, there are strategies to minimize its impact. Renting from commercial hosts, sharing costs with friends who meet eligibility criteria, and leveraging affiliations with certain memberships like AAA or USAA could potentially help you avoid the fee.

3. How much is the Turo Young Driver Fee, and does it vary with age?

The fee varies depending on age. For 18-year-olds, it's typically $50 per day. However, as you turn 21, the fee reduces to $30 per day. These figures might seem substantial, but they're designed to reflect the risk associated with young drivers.

4. Are there any benefits to renting from commercial hosts to avoid the fee?

Renting from commercial hosts could provide a way to avoid the young driver fee. Additionally, commercial hosts may set their own age restrictions and fee structures, potentially offering more favorable terms for young renters.

5. What does the Turo Young Driver Fee encompass in terms of protection?

The Turo Young Driver Fee isn't just a fee; it symbolizes an investment in safety and risk mitigation. Turo handles protection plans for peer-to-peer bookings, where the fee is included. With commercial hosts, the third-party rental company determines insurance requirements, impacting the fee and overall rental cost.


In the realm of Turo car rentals, the Young Driver Fee emerges as a substantial factor influencing costs and choices. While Turo doesn't offer a straightforward escape from this fee, the journey to find alternatives is both enlightening and empowering.

As we've explored, the fee's rationale stems from statistical realities and risk considerations, making it a prudent aspect of the rental experience. However, the road to minimizing its impact is rife with creative options.

As you navigate the world of car rentals, especially in the aftermath of a DUI incident, it's crucial to understand your options. If you're curious about the compatibility of Turo and the feasibility of renting a car after a DUI, let's delve deeper into our comprehensive guide!

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