Who Makes Mini Cooper Engines

by Carmen PickelApril 21, 2022
Who Makes Mini Cooper Engines

In 1959, Sir Alec Issigonis cleverly transformed a crisis into an opportunity, despite post-war austerity and fuel shortages. By using creative use of space, he was able to solve Mini's fuel-saving challenge and its design challenge.

So, who makes Mini Cooper engines? The Mini Cooper brand belongs to BMW, a German automaker. BMW and Mini Cooper's four-cylinder petrol engines are presently manufactured at the Hams Hall plant near Birmingham in the United Kingdom. BMW's Steyr Plant in Austria is where diesel MINI engines are built.

Type of Engines

You must consider the year and model of the Mini Cooper when trying to determine the engine. In the 2021 Mini, for example, the engine is a 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder with 134 horsepower. A 2.0-liter, turbocharged four-cylinder engine in the S model produces 189 horsepower. Your vehicle identification number (VIN) can help you determine what type of engine you have, or you can ask a mechanic.

Reliability Of Mini Cooper Engines

The question we hear from customers is, “Do Minis have engine issues?” Mini Coopers can have problems, just like any other vehicle. The predicted reliability scores of some models, especially those produced between 2006 and 2012, are typically lower. The 2010 Mini Cooper S is especially susceptible to engine failures.

The Mini 1.6 engine is also prone to engine problems. Early Cooper D Minis (2007 - 2014) may suffer oil starvation which can cause engine failure. This occurs when carbon blocks the oil supply to the turbo. This will require replacing the oil pump, pipes, pickup, and turbo, which are typically expensive repairs.

Modern Mini Coopers are quite reliable, as the model was completely redesigned in 2014. It ranked fourth for overall dependability in 2019 and was named one of J.D. Power's most dependable compact cars.

How Many Miles Will a Mini Cooper Engine Last

Typically, if you maintain and drive your Mini Cooper well, your engine will last about 100,000 miles before it starts to smoke and become worn out. Yet, it isn't uncommon for them to continue running beyond that. Between 200,000 and 250,000 miles is the average engine lifespan of a Mini Cooper.

How Much Does a Mini Cooper Engine Replacement Cost

Depending on the model year, type of engine, and where you live, you will pay different amounts to replace the engine in a Mini Cooper. The average cost of this job is about $4,000. Each case is different, but you can expect it to cost you around that amount.

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